Unfired painted ceramics

dances_in_gardenFebruary 18, 2002

A friend gave me a gift a few years ago. I had admired some small greenware figures. Well, she painted them (with acrylic paints I think) and gave them to me as a gift. I was very pleased and flattered, but truthfully I don't like the look of the acrylic paint. The colours are wonderful, but I like the "glazed" look when pieces are fired. I have seen some "glazes" that go over the paint and dry, but I want the shinier, glassier look.

Is there a way to glaze over acrylic and then have them fired? Or will it ruin them? I know where to bring them for the firing, but am loathe to ask their advice because I think they would tell me to fire them anyway -once you pay the fee there is no guarantee.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Dances!

In some cases you can have the acrylic fired off of the piece and then use a glaze that will be fired again to create the shiny look you want. For the life of me I can't remember the products name. I just got off the road from a long car trip and I am bushed. I will look in my box of goodies and let you know tomorrow.
If there is a ceramic shop nearby you can take your pieces in and have them evaluate it for you.
More later

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Dances- how about a varnish- either spray or in a can? If you use a can, apply light coats with a good brush so it looks nice & smooth.
Another idea is the 2 step crackle medium kits. You paint one coat, then go over it with a second layer of something else and it makes very fine even cracks just like old porcelain. You rub a dark paint into the cracks and they show up very nicely. It might look cool, depending on what your figures are.


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