Isn't this great....

Elaine_in_NJFebruary 8, 2002

I am glad to see this forum here. I am a newbie to working with clay so I will be asking a lot of questions. LOL!!!

I have a lot of links for different web sites relating to polymer clay, so if there is something that you are looking for, just ask and I'll see if I have anything in my file.


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Thanks Elaine.......I have several bookmarks too and will be glad to pass along.

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Count me in, too! I now have four separate folders in my favorite bookmarks just for polymer clay. And lord help me if I find a new clay book on the shelf in a store! LOL

My name is Lamb and I'm a polyholicÂ..

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LOL! I think this is just what the doctor ordered! *GGG*

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Maybe this will inspire me again. I haven't played with my polymer clay in a while. I just dabble but it's fun.

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