Gag combi and OTR steam-oven Q's

eleenaMarch 25, 2012

Is there such thing as OTR steam oven?

I searched and couldn't find one.

Also, when studying the Gag combi Planning Notes, I noticed that one should allow at least 8" to the neighboring wall on each side.

I couldn't figure out if it had to be an empty space from the cabinet wall surrounding the oven to the room wall or the next cabinet or if it is OK to have another cabinet next to it, as long as the room wall is 8"+ away.

Gag owners, please help!

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The 8" is only for door swing room and then it's only needed on the side with hinges. We installed next to a doorway with less than 8" clearance but this was only after seeing installations in person and making sure it would work for us. Another cabinet would be completely fine.

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