Advanium owners - is this normal or a defect?

sophie123March 12, 2012

I have a 240V Advantium 30" oven (monogram brand). Works great - my main complaint is with the swapping of the pans. Whenever i swap the pan the ring doesn't engage right and i get it off center and it rotates with an annoying sound and it comes up eventually (gets stuck). I have to reset a number of times to get it to sit right. Is this normal? Or is there a way to get it to sit right the first time? Or should i call service to get a new ring?


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I have the Profile OTR 240V model and the only time mine has ever been off kilter is if I put it in wrong. Otherwise, once in the track it stays in. The only other thing I can think of is if the item being cooked is somehow too large and catching on the wall of the oven. I guess in that case the weight and balance could be thrown off. The glass platter for microwaving is fairly heavy so that probably isn't and issue. On the other hand, the metal pans are lighter and could get pushed off track. Again, I've never experienced this, but I've watched mine and I could see it possible happening. HTH

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I think it takes a little to figure out how to seat the tray correctly. If you make sure the ring is correctly on the spindle, then kind of push the tray around, lightly, until you feel that it's securely positioned, it shouldn't be a problem. What you describe is normal for the tray being seated wrong. Once you learn to do it right, swapping is easy, and usually right without any fussing. When you have it seated right, it shouldn't move off the ring when you push sideways on it, lightly.

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I am not sure how this is happening. Are you sure you don't have the ring upside down?

If the ring engages ok for microwave, it should do fine with the metal pans. My metal ring has a center piece that fits over a clover leaf center in the bottom of the microwave. It holds it securely for micro or speed cook.

Maybe we have different models.

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You know what? I think I misunderstood your post. I thought you meant the platters coming off. I just re-read your post and I think you mean the spinning thing with three arms and the little wheels. Is that right? That's called the "turntable ring." If so, then you need to check that it is seat properly.

Here's an excerpt from the user guide:
"To replace the turntable, place its
center over the spindle in the center of
the oven and turn it until it seats into
place. (Make sure the smooth side of
the turntable marked "TOP" is facing up
and that its center seats on the spindle.)"

Mine has never come loose on its own. HTH.

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Oh. I read it to mean trays too, because the behavior is what I've seen when the tray didn't properly engage with the ring (i.e., when someone else does it ;) ).

Maybe this will help? The ridge (trough) in the tray fits outside of the wheels.

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Maybe i will call service. The turntable ring is really loose and even though i push and adjust the pans side to side to center it, the tray never seems to engage fully or i can't seem to tell until i turn on the oven and it starts making this annoying stuck sound.

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We've had the Advantium for 5 years now and have never had a problem like that...I would make the call!

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Yes! The ring should be snug on the spindle. If not, there's no way to secure the trays. Call for service.

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