Tub Faucets Disaster - All advice welcome!!

coolbeanswMarch 8, 2013

Long story short, I have my new airjet tub undermounted with a deck top of 1 1/4" silestone. Plumber just announced that the tub faucets -- Toto Soiree 5-hole set with handshower and diverter -- are incompatible with the deck. They cannot be installed on surfaces thicker than 7/8". Toto tech support confirms this. No valve extenders are available.

Silestone is thin-set onto tub surround and lip of tub, so we are fearful of removing any portion of it without possibly damaging tub.

So we need a 5-hole faucet set that will work, and that blends in with the other modern fixtures that are already installed (Toto Soiree single lever lav faucets, and Grohe EuroCube shower diverter). Tech docs on the EuroCube show maximum deck top depth of 7/16" plus it's a 4-hole, not 5-hole set.

I see pictures of faucets deck mounted on granite and solid surfaces online -- so I'm hopeful this can be resolved, but I'm coming up short in my panicked research today.

Any helpful leads? TIA CoolBeans

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Sorry to hear that Coolbeans. I guess you can shop online and try to find the specifications for deck mount thickness. For my granite deck, we cut a hole in the plywood under the granite to accomodate the Pfister faucets. Do you have a plywood underlay?

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Are they some special oddball size or something? Because any plumbing supply store should have extenders to fit. Doesn't have to be Toto name brand at all.

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Thanks, Gina & Live Wire. These TOTO faucets cannot accommodate any deck surface deeper than 7/8". When I talked to their tech specialist, he said that he'd received numerous calls like mine, but the designers refused to adapt the faucets for slab (1 1/4" stone surfaces). Meanwhile, yes, there's wood underlay, but no, removing it does not solve the problem.

To add insult to injury, by return window for these TOTO faucets ($800) has expired. Aaaaargh.

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Wow. I'd see if I could get extenders fabricated by a local machine shop at that price.

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Kudos to Amazon, they have agreed to let me return the faucets.
Lesson learned: don't assume that because you've provided the faucet technical specs to the carpenter, plumber, and stone fabricator that anyone will notice the deck depth installation restriction. Aargh.

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Yikes! Glad Amazon is helping you out! Am anxiously awaiting your install and review of your tub experience! Another good reason to order online from a reputable dealer!

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Seriously, any plumbing store should have extenders that work. I'm surprised that your plumber didn't take the initiative to source them. You can keep the faucets and use it with no problem except perhaps making the deck penetration larger to deal with the extensions. Unless it's an oddball size, as I mentioned. Even then, 10 minutes in a machine shop with a guy with a lathe can make you what you need with no problems. There is NO need to return them. None.

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There are not all that many tread sizes in common use, and an actual machine shop can make ANY thread they care to work on.

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There in lies part of the problem with homeowner supplied materials, no matter you giving him the specs or not it was on you to find a solution. If he purchased the solution would have been on him (and he probably would have went to a machine shop).

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The first thing my plumber did was try to get extenders. But there's a deeper problem: the TOTO set comes in two parts (the valves and the trim kit) and the valves have to be roughed into the deck underlayment before the deck top is installed. And that deck top has to be 1/2 - 7/8" deep max. My contractor and stone fabricator installed the deck top before the valves had gone in. Truly a team screw-up (and I was the team leader).

I've ordered the Grohe Eurocube 4-hole set as a replacement. It accommodates a 1 7/16" deck top (I typo-ed this in my OP). If this works, we'll plug the 5th hole and I'll perch something decorative on it.

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I don't think you are understanding the process or how plumbing faucets actually works. All tub faucets have the trim and the valves separately. And all need an access hole in a tub skirt or adjacent closet etc. to be able to install the valves. They don't install from above at all. The trim installs above after the rough ins are done below the deck.

The set you have would work with some extenders. And the set you are buying will probably work. But only if you have access to install it. You either need a different plumber who can explain things better to you, or can have some initiative to make things work here.

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Thanks, Live Wire Oak. You're right, plumbing is a mystery to me. We do have access to install the valves. I hope this gets resolved this week.

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