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akaLiaFebruary 13, 2002

I had been looking at a magazine ad for the Shapelets kits and had some clay out last night so I played around and tried making my own. I put them in my album if you want to see My "Shapelets" pins (Wish I hadn't scanned them so large, you can see every smudge and "dirty spot" in the clay! LOL!)

As you can tell, I didn't use a template; I just bent my tissue blade, so they're not perfect. So I have some questions for those of you who've tried the kits:

--Do the templates come in lots of different sizes?

--After baking, do you need to seal with anything to prevent the ink from smudging? (I just used pigment inks.)

--How thin do you roll the clay? It seemed to me these could get pretty thick with lots of layers...

--After cutting the shapes, how do you prevent stretching, i.e. if they're very thin...?

--The stamps in the kits... are they good, deeply etched stamps or does it matter? I was surprised what a good stamped image I got without really pressing!

I know I had at least one more question, but I can't think of it now. Please share, those of you who've used the kits or similar techniques!

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I just don't see how you do it! with everything you do in your life, you still find the time to be so creative! Like I've said many many times before; YOU ARE DEFINITELY MY MENTOR!!!!!

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Maybe it's because I'm at work but I have the darndest time with you album pages- the whole page comes up except your images! Happened like 8 times with the masterpiece pins. Can't get these up at all :-(
I think the templates are good for saving time & getting consistency if you are making many pieces. Mine were about 1/16" thick and I cut them out on baking parchment or a piece of teflon baking sheet. The stamps are nice quality and I bought the classics for the stamps - a column, a great face, script, & scrolled design. add 4 packs of Premo & it's a pretty good deal even without a discount coupon.
Pigment Ink heat sets so it should not need sealed after baking.
(Getting a new scanner this weekend so hopefully I can get a few pics up.)


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Those look great and from what I've read about the Shaplets....you accomplished the same thing. Haven't found the Shaplets (Michaels here did't know about them) but I'm sure one could trace around any object and build up as many layers as needed. I wonder if a coating of the Sculpey glaze would keep ink from smudging....might try it on scrap clay first, would hate for it to smudge your work.

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I have the Asian set. I think the idea behind the templates is for the standard size or smaller sizes, you would use the frame (stencil) of the template, and for larger or custom, use the punch out part. Hey, I'm really good with these technical terms, huh?!

As far as sealing goes, I'm sorry, I don't know much about pigment inks, so I don't know how much help I can be there. I used Pigma Micron pens to ink my stamps, is that the same thing? I was careful to give it extra time to dry after I stamped. I also used Pearl Ex powders to stamp with. I used a very very thin (see-thru)sheet of translucent for my top layer, stamped one side with ink, and the other side with Pearl Ex. Because I used translucent, I plunged my pins straight into cold water from the oven. I haven't glazed all of them yet, but have had no problems with smudging.

How thin did I roll the clay? Well, as I said, I rolled my top layer of translucent into see thru sheets. As for stretching? I placed my sheets of clay onto wax paper and cut them out there. If it's sticky or seems extra fragile, I stick it in the freezer for a minute or two, and transfer it right away when I take it out.

I rolled each successive layer a little thicker, I think the thickest I went was about 1/16 of an inch.

I LOVE the stamps! I used them on my ginger jars, stamping with Pearl Ex again, and got a really nice oriental look. I am definately looking forward to getting the other two sets after we move.

I'd like to post some photo's in the gallery, but don't know how well they would turn out with my camera. DH said we'll get a better one after we move.

BTW, I love your pins, you're a inspiration, girl!!!

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