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akaLiaFebruary 20, 2002

Just wondering... what's your favorite use for translucent polymer clay? I have an urge to try something new...

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On Ebay, I got a big block of translucent clay, a tissue blade, some gilding foil, and a "Tantalizing Translucents" poly clay video. I want to go through the video with all the projects, but the one I have the most interest in is the Mokume gane.
So many ideas, so little time....wish I would just win the lottery so I could spend the rest of my life crafting and taking classes!

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I love the translucent if only to add to other colors.....Really good with tan and white to make an "old world" item.
When I get round-to-it (my mantra) I want to make some of the orange, lemon, and lime canes that use the translucent.
Karen.....when you check out the video, fill us in.

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Rosie- I have already watched the video the whole way through. I am disappointed in the sound quality of the tape (so often the case with these videos for some reason), but as far as the projects go, there are about 6 different projects using a different technique for each.
It covers:
Skinner Blend
Translucent Mokume Gane
Chopped Crayon
Sand Jade
Chameleon Cane
Illuminated Millefiori
It is worth the money when you consider it is like taking a private workshop from a pro, plus I got a great deal on my "kit".
I would like to buy another video, but I am having trouble deciding which one to get! I'm thinking either Ancient Images by Gwen Gibson, Tory Hugh's Mixed media, or Donna Kato's Potpourri of techniques video.

(Is anyone else shocked at how much these videos cost? Yikes!)


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Karen.....I have been wanting Ancient Images too. I need to just break down and order it. I have also seen simulated coral made with orange/red and translucent.
About the is outrageous. I can get a DVD with Russell Crowe cheaper....haha.

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Well I made my decision. My boss had given me a gift certificate to Amazon and I finally spent it today on my lunch hour. I got the Kato video (they didn't have the other 2) and the book "Polymer Clay : Creating Functional and Decorative Objects" by Jacqueline Gikow.

(Russell? nah! Now if only George Clooney knew how to "clay", he would be the perfect man!)

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