rosie_gaFebruary 19, 2002

Just an FYI......stopped at an Ace Hardware store yesterday and they (like everyplace else) had the gallon size of the Flecto Varathane. But he said he could order it and would be in by Wednesday. It was a store not in my neighborhood so will have to find one near to me. But it can be ordered. None of the local large chains had the smaller size and didn't seem to interested in ordering. I will prevail.......It has gotten to be a mission now.

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I got the quart size at Home Depot yesterday. They had the quart and gallon but nothing smaller. I didn't want to search any further so I bought the quart. I'm just a dabbler so that will last me forever, if I don't end up using it on larger non-clay projects. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but I've never liked any other products I've tried and I feel confident that I'll like this.

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Rosie, you go girl! LOL! I need to go on the same kind of search. Our local store doesn't even have the gallon size.

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I found the quart size at a local Ace Hardware....come to find out he had ordered it because he wanted it to use on wood lawn furniture. By the way....he said it worked great on that. My DH was there this morning and I now HAVE the varathane in my possession. Now if it's like most things, it will be 2-3 weeks before I get around to trying it. LOL
I guess it's just the mission.....It was $14.95 for the quart. I believe any Ace Hardware or True Value could order it.

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varathane has been around FOREVER! LOL! When I was little (y'know, 8,9, 10) I would hang out in my dad's wood shop and in college, I worked in the lumber store w/him, and that's all we ever had or used.

So, in the fall, when we started making these hot pot trivets out of ceramic floor tiles, that was what I went looking for. I couldn't spring for the gallon at $35, and they looked at me like I was nuts when I asked for it in a spray can! wound up buying I think 3 separate products instead of just the one varathane. grrrrrr! LOL!

(ps: i'm 39.5 yo! I loved spending that time w/ my dad)

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