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Laura517February 21, 2013

Has anyone installed an interior sliding barn door? I am interested in the idea, but have a fairly traditional home being built. I believe Masonite makes a sliding door and track system. Would love to see your photos if you have any. I will try to post an inspiration photo.
Thank you!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Ask on home decor forum...I think someone there has...

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They are around. Johnson hardware makes the hardware too. Johnson is a very trusted door hardware brand (for pocket doors, especially).

Here is a link that might be useful: Johnson

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

I actually am planning on having 2, maybe 3 in our new home.
I'm no help on the installation and what not though, b/c my doors are actually coming out of a 100 year old barn on one of our farms.
I'm going to use the original rusty track systems.
I know most people would cringe, but this is the look I want. I've always been asked if I was born in a, I'm just going to make my house look like one on the inside. lol

Would love to see pictures of others' though!!! :)

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Here are some barn doors, since i am thinking of buying one soon. Anyways does some know if it is hard to instal one?

Here is a link that might be useful: barn doors

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lori, if I were installing a barn door, I'd want one just like yours -- old and weathered with rusty hardware. Please post a photo!

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I would definitely install one if I had the right place to put one! A local company here does a lot of them... Link attached.

Here is a link that might be useful: Farmyard Darlings

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This is a link to a home with an upstairs that opens to below. Behind the doors is a loft area and bedrooms off of that. The doors do provide a sound barrier.

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HOUZZ has many inspiration pictures using all styles from rustic to more contemporary. I also have found a few DIY examples on blogs in the past, I didn't save, but I'm sure a quick search would find it.

We were planning two in this build and I think I'm chickening out and going with one now. I really wanted one on our laundry, craft, homework multi-purpose room. Now-I'm having second thoughts, thinking it isn't the greatest
location. It just seems there are 3 other doors in proximity and this will just look out of place. We are still planning one for the upstairs bonus room. I think it will look and work great there.

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I can't wait to see your doors! I am having at least one, but probably building it. Post pics if you have any!

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barn doors are definitely 'in' right now. Many of the homes I've toured in the spring and fall parade have them. I've seen them as pantry doors, as doors to a small office, and as doors to a secondary (basement) family/media room. We are using a double set of barn doors between our lower level family room and my son's play room. It will have a 6-8 foot opening so he can be very near and open to us when we are all down stairs but we can later shut the door with all his stuff in it, and I think it will add more character than a couple of pocket or french doors (and french doors won't hide the playroom contents).

Our builder is actually making the barn door starting with an interior door and then adding the extra wood on top of it to create the barn door look. That cost will be a little less than ordering one online.

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I just bought a barn door off of Craigslist for $100. The horse stables at our former state fair grounds were torn down and the door is from there. It needs to be cleaned up but otherwise it is in great condition. I plan on putting it between the master bedroom and master bath.

I'm planning on getting my hardware from Tractor Supply.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tractor Supply Barn Door Hardware

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A few of my friends have purchased barn doors from NW Artisan Hardware and they say these guys provide great customer service. I would check them out!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sliding Barn Doors

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I have five installed in our new home and I love them! The first one is in the pantry, using one here I didn't have to have shelving behind a door. We used a frosted glass door with the masonite hardware. It's really functional and everyone that comes to the house compliments it. The other doors are upstairs, one for the laundry, one for the master bath and the other two for the kids closets. Since we're the only ones who usually see it we just used a standard interior door with the masonite hardware. The ones in the kids closets are actually two doors that the trimmer attached together. Its really nice because you have easy access to the entire opening.

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My barn doors are available to partition the master BR from the master bath. They stay in the center when not in use, behind a stove heater.

My cabinet maker built the doors, and got the hardware from Tractor Supply, and painted it black. I love them, but I live on a farm, so my home is a bit know, muddy work boots by every door, jackets and raincoats by every door, saddle pads drying in the laundry room....THAT kind of country.


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