Sara Jane Helm polyclay site update

akaLiaFebruary 16, 2002

I went to Sara Jane Helm's site y'day and it's been updated since I was last there

She has info there about the Flecto Varathane --exactly which one to look/ask for. Also some great projects, cane-building help, and just plain inspiration. Be sure to look at her hands. Any idea how to make a "Mendhi" cane??? I can understand some of the designs, but most look so complex!!!

I also love her elegant filigree eggs...

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It's funny you bring up the eggs......Last night, I was reading from her book on this process. Planning on trying it. Not sure what a Mendhi cane is but will try to find out. My DH is off to Lowe's this morning with the exact name of the varathane and the size.
I think I'm going to do my switch plates today. I have the living room/den torn apart painting.....BUT I want to make kokopelli switch plates today. The painting will be there tomorrow...

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Not sure how to make a Mendhi cane....but it does represent a temporary tattoo technique using henna. Found all kinds of patterns when I did a search in WebFerrett. I bet one could carve the designs into baked clay, antique with a raw sienna color and get the same effect. I do love the hands.

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you can get lots of mendhi or mehandi stamps at Sunday International. The clay could be stamped & backfilled maybe?

Here is a link that might be useful: mehandi designs

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