New Member - Please Welcome Joyce

lamb43February 12, 2002

(Listen up, I've already told her what a fantastic group you all are here in the Clay and Ceramics forum- you are the best! I know you won't let me down!)

Joyce is a former art teacher who is new to our forum, but not to the art form. She's the one who sent me the wonderful idea for using newspaper for a mask form, which works great so far by the way- will keep you posted on my latest experiment. I believe she will be an invaluable member of our forum.

She's given me permission to post her name and email address as she said:

"perhaps all those years teaching art can benefit some others"

Please join me in welcoming Joyce to our group!



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Great to have you Joyce......feel free to jump right in. Speaking for myself, I'm always looking for the "strange and different" items to make. Will you be trading ideas and hints on this forum?

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Hiya Joyce!
Another former art teacher here. (Decided I just was not up to parenting nearly 900 of other people's children. Did I mention it was middle school ?)
We're a friendly bunch here and always up for new ideas or cool web links. Welcome, welcome!


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Welcome, Joyce! It's great to have another bright, enthusiastic member!

(Karen, I understand your sentiments completely!)


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Joyce, we welcome you with open arms!

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