Terra cotta planters/pots.

LibbyLizFebruary 15, 2002

It's been almost 20 years since I've done ceramics from start to finish, with raw materials... then glazing & all that.

But what I want to work with now is terra cotta planters/pots, which is basically, what, once fired?

I'm guessing I still need to use ceramic glazes, etc. Right?

After I get done painting the pots with such, what's the "rules" for getting them fired so the end result looks like the expensive ceramic planters & cache pots?

Thanks for any/all help!

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Me too! Where did all the creamic shops go? I loved doing meticulous work on greenware, to have everything just as I wanted, to paint crisp and clean, especially eyes.... oh I miss doing all the steps! Do you miss it too?

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I did a few pieces of ceramics in Jr. or Sr. High School & I watched my Mom do ceramics about that time.

So, after all these years I've forgotten (all?) the steps, & I don't recall if I've ever done eyes.

There are few ceramic shops any more! The nearest two shut down years ago. Actually, one burnt down! It was suspected arson because the shop was going/went under due to lack of business.

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