layout design questions for a small bathroom

mary614March 25, 2013

We need to redo our bathroom, this is the only bathroom in the house at this point. There is something leaking in the wall and the floor under the wall, vanity and toilet is rotten. The layout I am not real fond of for several reasons, the main is it is very difficult to clean and the second is we have little ones and giving them a bath is difficult due to the layout.

This was an addition onto the main house at one point in time and has 3 load bearing walls, so can't really move things to make it bigger. I have attached the current layout, if anyone has ideas as to how to change it I would love to hear them.

Thank you,

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Mary, use the HTML code from Photobucket.

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I have a somewhat similarly sized main/guest bathroom in my house. First, I would swap the sink and toilet locations if that's an option. A toilet is a little easier to get around to turn on the water for a bath tub.

Do you need a linen closet? If not, I would be inclined to completely remove it and go with a longer tub. I went from a 5' to a 5.5' tub with a small shelf on the end (where your linen closet is). At only 7.5" long, I don't think you could fit a linen closet along the longest wall.

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Thank you for posting the drawing! I was sidetracked by little people and just didn't take the time to figure it out. I will do another drawing of one of the layouts we are kicking around, basically instead of a wall on three sides of the tub we were thinking of leaving the back open...just a curtain track around.

Thank you,

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We're renovating a bathroom with the same layout, but just 5' wide instead of 6'2". We're swapping the vanity and toilet, but leaving the tub against the far wall.

You could swap the linen storage to the other wall, and have it be shallow storage (since plumbing would be in the way of full depth).

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