Bathroom Remodel - Grouting Question

MrDanimalMarch 11, 2013

I have replaced my old surround tub with a new one...

It didn't seem right to have just drywall above the tub, so I added some 12" ceramic tiles above the 6 foot tall surround alcove tub (60 inch) as a further moisture barrier. So now I'm ready to grout around the tub and was wondering if there are any tricks to grouting vertically ... grouting the floor was easy enough... but doing the walls with 3/16 " gaps might prove tricky...

Also wondering if anyone has had any experience with grout caulk. I am looking at ordering some online to match the grout color for the joint between the tile and tub and it seems too good to be true... is the grout caulk something that you can get at the hardware store?

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Grouting vertically (walls) is quite easy. I actually find walls easier than floors. It's grouting ceilings that can sometimes be a pain.

As to caulking the joints, or using a faux-grout (the premixed grouts), sure, if you really wanted to go that route that'd really be no problem for up high above a tub surround.

It's not going to see foot traffic, and it's really not going to see anything harsh.

Fortunately I've never used the faux-grouts. I've seen them at the box stores, that's it.

I have used color-matching caulks. I know I've seen them at the box stores too, but I'm not sure of the variety of their in-stock selection.

For your small amount, probably caulk right out of the tube would be easiest.

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