help with firing please

shryocdjJanuary 7, 2007

Ok, so I've got some bowls I tossed that I want to be food/dishwasher safe, I've got c/4-6 clay, food safe glaze and a very nice kiln (Paragon Iguauana; rated cone 10). But here's the problem, my buddy who owns the kiln uses it for glass so he doesn't know anything about clay and I'm new to this whole thing so, yeah...

If I want be food safe do I fire at cone 6 both times since that is what my clay is rated? Or would it be better to do a ramp mode? I haven't fired my pieces at all yet so I'm even talking bisque here. Any help?

I hope all this blabber makes sense :) Any help would be really appreciated!!

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You can bisque fire at a lower temp. just make sure if you are using a cone 6 glaze you need to take the glaze firing to the cone 6.The food safe part has to do with the glaze and not the clay.The cone #'s on clay is the hottest you can fire that particular clay before the clay body starts to break down.

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