heard a good idea for toaster ovens...

Lia_SCJanuary 2, 2003

...I think...! I haven't tried it yet, myself... The idea is to line the bottom of the toaster oven with ceramic tiles for evening out those hot/cool spots. (I think mine is all hot!) The

tiles are supposed to distribute the heat evenly as well as help hold the heat when you open & close the door.

I'm betting mine would not fit an even number of tiles so I'd have to use itsy bitsy ones. I'd really like to try it since I gave up on using mine for poly clay after 2 bad experiences!

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that is a good idea! does it matter whether they are glazed or unglazed?

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I asked. The word I have is that it probably doesn't matter. Since I put a glazed tile in the oven to bake my clay on, I should think it would be okay.

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