Missed Everyone

rosie_gaJanuary 6, 2003

Lightening hit on the Gateway last of October. Just got a new one and am up and running. Sure have missed everyone.

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Rosieeeeeee! So glad to see you back! I didn't even think about your computer; I was just afraid it was you! Hope you've been claying in your spare time!?!?

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welcome back, "Rosie"...you were in my thoughts!

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There certainly was alot of spare time......had to actually do domestic stuff. Depressing. I firmly believe dust is a protective covering. Last week (pre-PC) I made several clay pieces. Will post as soon as I get camera card reader up and working. Made a spirit doll that was quite fun.

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Welcome back Rosie - Whoa - I hope lighting doesn't hit my computer - I'd be lost - I might have to do some domestic stuff myself! -- Not! LOL -- Michele

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Ohhhh...Can't wait to see your spirit doll! BTW, did you see that Somerset is bring out a new art doll magazine in May? Just what I need....another subscription, lol!

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Didn't know about that but I LOVE my library of mags. It is a reference place and I use it all the time. Mostly when TV is awful. Just go grab some back issues.
I bought multitudes (one of my faults) of stuffed muslin bunnies. I think they were like 7cents apiece. They are 6 inches tall and are perfect after I cut the ears off. Of Course with the ears gone I still have to contend with an orange carrot but that comes off too.......HA Think I will also try the fabric printing and make a real person's face to go on one. I have gessoed one and think I can decoupage or even stamp on it. The spirit doll I was referring to was clay, etc. I want to try some with these soft stuffed bunnies. I have seen some beautiful ones on the net using the small closely sewn beads. Ever worked with beads?

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I work with beads (loom, peyote & square stitch) but never as surface embellishment on fabric. I have a painted/stamped "goddess doll" I made in a workshop last summer and I plan on trying to embellish her with some random surface beading. The girl who sat next to me did quite a bit of surface embellishment & gave me some tips on doing it. I don't have the patience to bead the whole thing, though.
Brilliant tip about the bunnies..I will have to keep my eyes open after Easter sales!

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Karen....email me please.

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