OK.........whatcha doing?

rosie_gaJanuary 3, 2004

I know there are folks doing clay......so let's get this forum going again. I have been slow to post here too but it's like voting....everyone makes a difference. I just made some clay masks......will post pic in the gallery in a bit.

whatcha doing?

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My latest claying was faces/masks too. Didn't sell on ebay though. :-/
Now, my 9 yr old is clay crazy! If not for him, my pasta machine would get rusty! He got a new blade and clay for Xmas, then yesterday more clay since Michaels had a special. He's graduated from Sculpey to Premo (Yay!)
Recently he used a book from the library to make a police dog (dog standing upright, wearing a police uniform LOL!). Today he saw the AnKara girl on Carol Duvall making mosaics, so he looked at one of my books by Sue Heaser and made his own mosaic by cutting the "tiles" of different colors and arranging them. Now he wants to make a landscape cane (similar to a face cane, but with sky, mountains, things like that...) He probably will too.
Last week he did a large painting with some of my acrylics. Took him about 5 minutes. Don't you envy the carefree attitude of kids??? I do!

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