How should I start

minnie_txJanuary 23, 2003

I think I know where my clay is and Michaels has Sculpy for $1 this week

What is a simple (very) project I can start on?

I think I have a slicer and some molds.

Back in the 70's my sister used sculpy for all her mini projects.

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What colors do you have?

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Shouldn't have walked away from the puter before I hit submit! LOL!

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The simplest of all is to just roll it out in sheets and rubber stamp into it, either with or without ink. You can dust the clay with pearl-ex or chalk for added color. It's like making sugar cookies! Great for jewelry or ornaments, or cover a small box with sheets of stamped clay and bake.
Did you see the Carol Duvall show last week where the girl from Kato clay covered a little stack of matchboxes? It was an easy project and she did a nice marbled effect just with twisting clay into snakes. Sculpey is not a real strong clay so it would work well for covering something where you leave the form underneath.

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