Color Question about Kohler Cast Iron Sea Salt

enduringMarch 17, 2012

Has anyone used this cast iron color Sea Salt from Kohler? Does the white kohler or toto toilet go with this cast iron color? Is the color texture too much or is it subtle? Can you tell me what underlying colors are in the Sea Salt? I see the displays in small sinks once in a while, but the lighting at the shops is so dark it is hard for me to tell IRL what it might look like.

I am thinking of the bathtub, my toilet will be white toto, my sink will be soapstone with white veining and some sparkle to the veins. I love the depth of color of the Sea Salt and might want to use is in the cast iron bath I select. The tub will be surrounded by white ceramic tile and nearby soapstone counter.

Any info on this color and your experiences would be great, thanks.

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We got the sea salt sinks. They have a slight grey cast to them but I don't think that is a problem because they are undermount so not in direct line of sight with a sparkling white toilet. I love the subtle appearance and depth to them. I can try a picture if you like, but I don't know if it will be enough to truly help.

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we have 2 sea salt sinks and a sea salt shower pan... i have a white tub tub and toilet. i also love the slightly mottled look and the depth!! i don't see so much of a gray cast, but maybe very slight...i also see a yellowish tone mixed with white... overall is a creamy color.

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I would not have said gray at all. It's more of a bit of a bisque undertone in the depths of the color to me. The top note of color is definitely white though.

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Thanks for the feedback on the color. I will have to lug my sample soapstone to the store soon and take a look. I want white but love the thought of the depth of texture. I love the line of textural glazes that Kohler makes.

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I apologize. it isn't gray! it's creamy. I misremembered.
but I still really like how it looks

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The Sea Salt is a gorgeous finish! Very earthy and complex. I wouldn't have any problem mixing a Sea Salt sink or tub with a white toilet. But I definitely wouldn't put the Sea Salt directly next to a white ceramic tile, though -- I think that would be a miss. It should stand on it's own -- freestanding tub? Vessel sinks? Or a dark background.

I'm also a soapstone lover. But if I'm being completely truthful, I also have to express some reservations about combining the Sea Salt with veiny soapstone... In my kitchen, I have veiny Santa Rita soapstone and my backsplash is a creamy crackle subway tile (Walker Zanger Gramercy Park in Bone), and it's a combination that's OK, but not what I'd describe as 'made in Heaven'... The veins in my soapstone have a slight blueish green undertone, which doesn't especially enhance the creamy tile tones. Lucky for me, my widest veins aren't near the tile splash areas, and the creamy crackle is very nice against the plainer near-black soapstone.

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I have the Kohler Cast Iron Dickinson sink in sea salt in my kitchen. I absolutely love the color and find it to be subtle. It has a nice textural depth to it. My kitchen cabinets are a crisp white and I have found that creamy whites with a yellow undertone tend to clash. The sea salt looks beautiful against the crisp white cabinets. (It is an apron front sink, so it is right next to the cabinet base.) I think it will be beautiful in a bathroom and think you should go for it.

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*Sweeby, thanks for the info. I have the plan to put white ceramic next to my tub. But I haven't bought the tub yet. I will definitely heed your warning about white tile. My tile is white shiny. My soapstone remnants have a lot of veining that is green/yellow. It looks sort of like green moss just below the surface of a black pond when its oiled up. This is a challenge and the Sea Salt cast iron is the least of my color problems. I am trying to find a wall paint that goes with the soapstone and the bluish, whitish, lavenderish, even slight greenish mosaic marble tiles I would like to use. I could just give in and go with the more standard white-gray mosaic but I love the liveliness of the mosaic I described.

I don't want to be over the top with elements in my BR remodel. I posted on another thread about my tile pattern. I think I did a poor job of rendering the tiles and it looks like I have gone overboard on numbers of sizes of tile when in fact I only have the field tile and base and chair rail with an added listello of marble. Take a look at that thread and give my your thoughts if you have time.

*Kichendrazed09, thanks for your feedback on your kitchen. It is encouraging to hear that the Sea Salt goes with your white. My white tile is pretty standard white. When I try to match other brands of white with it is is pretty easy as long as there is no tendency to off white. I think the tile is called Ultra White and is made by a now defunct manufacturer that was in Georgia I believe. As noted to Sweeby, I am struggling with more than the hopes of getting a Sea Salt tub. As I mention above I have another thread about my tile diagram. Take a look if you have time and give me your thoughts.

Both of your responses have been very helpful, thanks.

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