Altoid Tins

taunia1January 22, 2003

This was sent to me by Barbie Boop:


1- i am taking a class where we will embellish the tiny ones, make a little book for the inside and turn the whole shooting match into a necklace. Iggy and I are taking a class called Teriffic Tins next Saturday taught by Doris Arndt - I'm sure we'll come home with *tons* of ideas to share  ench

2- I found some mini altoid tins a couple months ago, and bought several. One, my dh painted black with airbrush paint, and it has been sticking well. I stamped a butterfly and embossed with gold. A simple box, but so pretty. I really like it!! Sharon

3- what about covering it with embossed velvet paper? BarbieÂ

4- Decopaging it with stamped tissue paper? barbie

5- Lining the inside of the box with a padded velvet layer barbie

6- Glitter spray?

7- Webbing spray?

8- I used UTEE in pirate type gold and triple layered it, then stamped into it with the Stampin' Up victorian frame stamp. Beautiful. I glued a cameo in the frame center. My sister loved it. Valerie

9- what DIDN'T work was using a glittery ep on the Altoid tin....looked ok at first but instead of hardening, it just stayed gummy and scraped off easily with a fingernail. Yech! what a mess! Also, would highly recommend leaving the box closed when doing anything to do so the part that is covered under the lid doesn't get ruined (when you open and close it). Jan

10- When I work with glitter and want it "sealed" when I'm done, I generally brush a few coats of acrylic gloss varnish medium on top of it. You could also use 3-D Crystal lacquer (clear) or dimensional magic. WarmHugs ~ Tyra.

I just thought it might help someone. Blessings, Taunia.

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Hi Taunia -- Thanks for the tips! I'm in an Polymer Clay Tin Swap and am trying to think of unique ideas to cover them. Our tins have to be at least a few inches across. I'm using the larger ones since they might be easier to work with. -- Michele

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