Can this be done? SPittal shower for cheaper

wangshanMarch 16, 2013

I don't have room or need a tub in my first floor bath. I want a shower and I happened to see this. Which is of course $$$$$.
My question is can the local custom shower guy approximate the look?? I think the weight of the glass needs to be on something , and he said it can be anchored from the wall. Anyone have any ideas?

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I have this faucet upstairs and
i really love it

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Not a chance to do that on the cheap. It's not just the custom glass that will be expensive, although I'd suspect that to be around 3K worth of glass at least. All of that custom metal work is going to be VERY pricey. Welding it all together will be beyond tricky. Even if you used polished stainless channel instead of the custom polished chrome, you'd still need the fancy receptor for it all to dog into.

That's a 15K shower "on the cheap". It's probably retailed at at least double that though.

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I found this on a site called - UK Home Ideas:
"Made to order, the Spittal shower is priced from ã19,000."

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Ok what if you went with custom glass with , say chrome channels, and it looks like they are just abutted up to chrome tubing. By fancy receptor, are you talking about the clawfoot shower pan? Those are around $1K. That is not that much --4K for that look.

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While I'm not familiar with the price of these shower pans, the metal framework can be made out of polished aluminum tubing for $400, and the 1/4" tempered glass would be $1000 with the fabrication. If you could live without the framing, the glass can be virtually frameless and self supporting. Check this site for hardware options . Btw this is not my site, just being helpful.

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1/4" glass that size ???

Not in my showers.

Self supporting ? NO WAY.

If you really want to give it a go, browse the CR Lawrence catalog. They have everything you need, or rather, can buy easily for glass installs from nick nack shelves to skyscraper skins.

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Aluminum will oxidize white and be unattractive. Especially in the bath. You need stainless or chrome for a bath. And it would be best if the structural joints were welded. That means tig welding, and someone who can do that at that level and make it look attractive won't be easy to find. Start with the local machine shops, but don't expect them to place a premium on the appearance of the product that they turn out. You could also have it constructed out of plain steel and then have it powder coated chrome. It's what they do for outdoor furniture,

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why not forgo the frame entirely ?

Just use 4 glass panels

Oh, has anyone considered how to make the handles that come through the glass waterproof so that water doesn't leak out into the valve or on the floor ?

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Frameless wouldn't be so steampunk and cool. And I don't think that it would stand the test of time as well as a frameless enclosure on an actual subfloor supported shower. The least little shift of that freestanding shower pan, and you might be left with a heap of glass shards.

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LWO - agreed , but cost seems to be the biggest factor here. The whole thing seems like folly to me.

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OTOH, it almosts looks like something that if you tire of it in one room, could be picked up and moved to another....

(of course, as already mentioned, just moving it slightly would be precarious).

I do like it though, and since it's not this year's all-the-rage fashion, won't look out of style in the future.

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To move it, you'd dis-assemble it into 10-20 components, and then re-assemble it in the new location.

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