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lamb43February 13, 2002

I was going to just post my Shapelet pins, then thought I would add my Valentine jewelry and gifts. Seemed kind of empty, so I added my kimono doll pendant, and my Moebius beads experiments. Then my 'babies' insisted on being photographed, too, soo..LOL


A's: My Moebius bead experiments.

B: Dragon Valentine pin - The heart that the dragon is holding reads: Be Mine.

C: Birdhouse Earrings, well one of them anyways. I made them for a goodbye gift for a friend here. That's the hardest part of moving every 6 to 9 months. Saying goodbye to the friends you've made :-(

D: My current favorite! This Valentine Girl pin I made from a kitchen whisk broom cover I saw one day. She's much prettier in clay, I think.

E: My kimono doll pendant.

F: Shapelet pins I wish you could see the details better.

G: My miniature baby dragons. I should have put a quarter in this photo for perspective. Each of the babies fit on a quarter if that helps. The other Dragon, large red one on the bottom, is a guardian dragon for our computer. She keeps watch and if any viruses or bugs or worms come sneaking around our computer, she fries them with one blast of her fiery breath. (Not my original idea but I can't remember where it was that I saw the idea.)

H: My first Shapelet attempt. I made the layers WAY TOO THICK. Not a total loss, though, I'm making a box to match- shapelet will be lid. Can't see the stamp here either. I learned not to use Pearl Ex Pearl on a white background!

I: Valentine pen and pen holder. I love this lacey heart cane!

J: Easter Bunny holder. Yeah I know I'm early. I'm making these for DGD's (DGS is too young yet) for there Easter Baskets from NeeNee and Poppie. They're made to hold lolly's that I decorate as flowers.

Image link:

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Great smorgasbord! *grin* Wish I could get my hands on them, lamb, and examine them all! What a great idea to use shapelets as box lids! I made a tiny "stamp box" in my scrimshaw experiments and I just love the way the lid *sounds* when placing on the box. Know what I mean?

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The oriental fan looks great, along with the others.....good application for shapelets.

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What are shaplets & lightbulb vessels? I have seen these words but was too embarrassed to ask. But, since I'm among friends, I thought I would go ahead and ask. Thanks.

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How embarressing! I went to the Sculpey site, so I could give you the correct info- or rather let the site do it, and found out they are called Stamplets! LOL Ihave the top package, and I've had some real fun experimenting with them.

As far as the lightbulb vessels are concerned, these are lightbulbs (burnt out mostly) that are covered with PC, baked, and then the glass broken and emptied. This leaves a nice little vessel shape. I've never tried the vessel technique, but am dying to. I have a teapot in mind...

What I HAVE done with lightbulbs was use them for snowmen. They are cute, and so much fun to make! I gave all mine away for Christmas, so now I'm in the process of making one so I can take pics of each step, and write it up as a project. You'll have to keep checking this gallery as I'm posting it here as requested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Premo Sculpey Artpacks

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