Recycled Art - Leaf and Pansy canes

lamb43February 9, 2002

This is the coffee can I've been working on. I chose not to glaze it, just buffed it. I had planned on using the original snap on plastic lid as that's what I've done in the past. It won't work this time, unfortunately. It's too small or maybe the can expanded too much? I'll make one now with my trusty watercolor paper and clay but it won't be airtight :-(

If anyone has any suggestions or idea's to avoid this in the future, I would love to hear them.

Lamb - the frugal crafter

Image link:

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Your pansy canes look really good.....what is your technique for buffing for the shine. I have been sanding and sanding. Then tried buffing on denim. Would like to attain the deep shine that I have seen on Donna Kato's work.

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With this, because I pressed the detail/veins into the pansy cane slices, I buffed it with my favorite denim shirt LOL I think it must be that the denim fabric in that shirt is so old, and has been washed so many times, it has the perfect textures for buffing. I get different effects, too, by using different parts of the shirt. For serious buffing (where it needs extra effort) I use the collar, cuffs, and the button hole side of the shirt. For large scale buffing, where there isn't a lot of detail work, I use the regular shirt material itself. Does that make sense? LOL
I know it's the shirt, too, because I've tried new jeans, old jeans, stone washed jeans, etc., and nothing else gives the same results. Oh yeah, and when I 'quick-cool' any of my work (plunging a piece straight from the oven into cold water) if I plan to do buffing on it, I get a little head start by drying with a soft terry dish towel. You have to be careful there, I've found, because if I rush it and try the towel before the item is cool enough, I've made more work for myself by imprinting the towel fabic into the still warm clay. Reheating with hot water or putting it back into the oven for a minute or two won't correct that either.
Sanding and buffing to a satin or mirror shine, I've found some really good stuff, too, but I'll put my methods on the discussion page instead.

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Thanks for the info.....will watch for your tips.......

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This is beautiful, Lamb! I love the colors. Have you tried trimming around the top, where the lid would go, with a sharp blade?

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