Guess What Was On My Mind Today..

lamb43February 17, 2002

Spring is in the air.... Isn't it?

Oh well, wishful thinking I guess.

Image link:

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You are right.....the butterflies will be lighting on flowers before too long. Is that embroidery on your denim shirt? And are the butterflies clay?
A very festive shirt.......

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Yup, this is one of my favorite denim shirts. I thought the embroidered leaves would make a nice backdrop for the butterflies. And yes, the butterflies are polymer clay. They were made from slices of my faux abalone canes, and faux mother-of-pearl. I swear, they look so much better than this picture shows. You can't tell the mother-of-pearl isn't real until you pick it up or touch it. I'll make more pins this morning, but am also considering how pretty a mobile made of these butterflies would be!

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I was guessing the butterflies were "abalone" before I saw your re. They don't look like clay! They really glow!

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Ya know, last month, I picked up 4 denim shirts at a lawn sale that need embellishment! You did great!

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