faux bone relics from PC

akaLiaFebruary 9, 2002

These are my first attempt at making faux bone artifacts after reading about it in Belle Armoire. I rushed headlong into it without reading the instructions completely. I used brown the first time and got the wooden look. Then I went with the white and translucent. "Aging" these is so much fun!

Image link:

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Good job.......I enjoy the antiquing also. Seems like they come to life when its added. Did you say you were do some scrimshaw work? show and tell......

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Awesome job, Lia! I loved that article, too. In fact, love the whole magazine!

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Lia, didn't you tell me one time that you made these out of paperclay? They are simply beautiful.

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These are polymer clay. I hadn't thought about it, but these ancient forms would be fun to do with paperclay too!

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