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tnkrerMarch 21, 2013

We are planning to build a new master bedroom with attached bathroom. 10' 8" x 8' seems to be the most we can get for the bathroom. (8' may become 7' 10" as everything becomes more clear). Toilet position is fixed due to existing waste pipe. We want to have jetted tub (sanitub, possibly model 440, any owners of 440?). shower stall, double vanity. We would also like to add a small closet. I am attaching the layout I have come up with. I have left 2" around the tub. The shower area is 48" x 34". The vanity is 62"x24". I am thinking a 1.5 ft wide full length cabinet either next to the tub on the outside wall or between the toilet and the vanity. Also, thinking of putting in a pocket door that will slide into the vanity side.


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Since I don't know how to upload two pictures in one post, second post is for uploading my 3d sketchup image of the bathroom

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And this is an obvious another option, but in this one, I can't see a good placement for the cabinet ..

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Why are you wanting a small closet? Is it for linens? My suggestion would be to put up a half wall next to the toilet to give some privacy and seperation. I would then put a L-shaped vanity from that half wall to the opposite wall and then over to the door. You could put a angle cabinet in the corner or just leave it squared off, but I would then add a upper corner cabinet that is inset from the edge and extends up to about a foot short of the ceiling. You wouldn't have a closet, but between all the cabinets, you would have a ton of storage space.

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I don't think there is room for a cabinet between the toilet and the tub. That is how I interpreted your idea. In between the toilet and the vanity might work. It all depends on the dimensions. I think there is a minimum of 18" toilet centerline to wall or obstruction that is recommended. If you put the "tower" between the toilet and the vanity will it be in the way of the vanity or be too close to the toilet? I am linking my favorite "go to" site, that I have saved for these layout questions. When you go to this site check out the other articles, there are a lot posted. Take a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: illustrated Rules of Good Bathroom Design

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In your first rendering, what is the size of the pinch point between the tub and the vanity? It looks really tight to me. I wouldn't like having to navigate through the bathroom like that to get to the toilet.

What about putting the tub on the same side as the toilet (so the long part is along the left wall in your renderings). Then put the shower in the upper right corner, the longer part along the top wall. And then run the vanity along the right wall next to the shower.

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I think perhaps that it may be better to leave out the tub and put in a large neoangle (48 X 48) in the lower left hand corner and do a really nice two sink vanity with linen closet on the right wall. A lot of people are forgoing tubs for larger showers.

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Thanks for all the responses!

Enduring, thanks for the link. I had seen that link from one of your earlier posts and gone through it. (and Now I have bookmarked it). Code seems to be 15" (18" recommended) from center-line of toilet to either side. (I have 16" on one side and 18" on other. Its more than our current full bathroom and we haven't had any problem with it). There is 2ft space in front of the toilet. (21" required). Yeah the tower doesn't seem to work in either place.

mhetzel, We were hoping to have a clothes hamper in the bottom part of the tower, appliance storage and charging in the middle and extra bathroom supplies in the top. appliance charging and storage and extra bathroom supplies are more important than clothes hamper. We had not thought of L shaped vanity. So thanks for that idea. I haven't yet found any photos of such setup. If anyone has some, can you please point me to those?. This may provide a good solution, we just don't know how it will look and how it will work out for two people bumping into each other on sides. I will try to sketch L shaped vanity over the weekend and post it when ready ..

prickly pear cactus: The pinch point is 2' 3". Our current full bath has 2 ft of clearance between the vanity and the tub and that seems OK for us. With L shaped vanity, the length of the pinch point will be further reduced. Long part of the tub is 72", so it wont fit on the left wall without moving the toilet.

karenseb: That would be a nice spacious bathroom, but tub seems to be an absolute requirement.

Also the bathroom is going to have a sloping roof going from 8 ft to 10 ft and we plan to add a skylight (or solar tube)

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I like Pricklypear's idea of moving the tub. I saw the pinch point too. I saw it in terms of a difficult manuvering point for a wheel chair. I'm a nurse and in years past have had to assist many a patient onto a toilet from the wheel chair position. I always look at accessability. I would plan that first. I have posted before about these issues and how they have impacted my family's life. First, my nephew, when 14 years old, injured both heals in a stupid stunt he performed with his friends. both feet and legs were in casts for 6 weeks. It was difficult for him to use his family's tiny bathroom with the w/c. Second, my brother had a seizure in the bathroom (unknown brain tumor) which required the rescue squad to tear down the door and jamb to get to him. So, the purpose of these illustrations it to support my belief that when remodeling, even if distances have been ok prior to remodel, planning for accessibility is prudent.

What I did when I planned my remodel was get some graph paper and draw the room dimension. Then I cut up "paper doll" like furnishings and moved them around in my space. I used paper that translated to 1"=1' and likewise with my fixtures. It is very low tech but really hands on.

Here are 2 examples of my "paper doll" bathroom:

and the one I went with:

Then, one the general idea was in place, I drew it up in a drawing program to get the specifics down to more exact measurements.

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The only way I can come up with for everything to fit is to steal 12 inches on one side of the door to recess the tub. Without the tub on one of the short walls it's difficult. With the tub on a short wall it frees up enough space in front of the toilet for a double vanity and the shower can go in the other corner.

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I saw anothe thread here that mentioned a Wave tub that is designed for small spaces. There was also discussion of combining that with a shower and one with a concealed shower curtain (think that was on Houzz. A Japanese soaking style tub also helps with small spaces. Might be worth looking into lesser known options.

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