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PurplemoonFebruary 3, 2011

With all this horrendous weather across the country, I find myself wishing I knew where you lived (so I could worry more I guess. LOL) But seriously, it would be fun to see just how many states we 'cover' on here. I know some folks don't like their information on the web, but maybe just saying your state would be ok for you? (my info has been all over the web for many years due to my website for my dogs when I was actively showing, and of course Jason being pretty well-known and all over google.)

But I'll say it again....Phoenix, AZ.

You don't have to mention your city if you don't want, just your state. I have a feeling we range far and wide, LOL.

Yes I'm bored, and I need distraction, and am picking on you to do something about that. LOL. If you don't want to play in my sandbox, I still love you.

hugs, Karen

hugs, Karen

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Hi Karen, I'll play.
I'm in Denver, Colorado.
We are all the way up to 39!! From -19 that is a heat wave, but of course a long way from the 71 last Friday!!
I lived in Walden, CO from 1970 to 1973 and it got down to -63 there this past Tues. night. It is in an inner-montane park called North Park and when frigid weather hits, it just flows down the mountain sides into the park. Glad I don't live there anymore!!
It is snowing here again this afternoon, but we are only supposed to get a couple of inches this time.
I sure hope Phil was right and we get an early spring.


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central Texas, where it is gearing up to snow tonight and tomorrow!!

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Southampton, NY

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SE of Raleigh NC near Interstate 95

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Marlene Kindred

Fredericksburg, Virginia on the same property I was born and raised on...Southern to the core! ;-)

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I understand "bored" and I appreciate this thread. I can't always follow the threads here and they've been moving along too quickly for me to keep up!

I'm in/from the center of NY state. I enjoy seeing all the beautiful 'decor' here and it inspires me... but in the end my 'decor' is usually minimalist. I love things natural, neutral, and functional. :O)

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My location has been all over this forum for a long time, but for any "newbies", I'm in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

We're in the southern part of the state about 45 min. east of L.A. between Pasadena and San Bernardino. No snow at my house, but I do get to see it on the mountain tops when I look out my front door--there are ski resorts up there!


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NE Iowa for me ... we live in the country near the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area.

luvs...I think you have the best of both worlds...warm where you live but can see the snow in the mts!

This has been a WINTER! Live for today...but it sure doesn't hurt to Think Spring! LOL! Jeanne S.

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I live in Southwestern CT -..
like Jeanne - in the Country -
where Baby It's Cold & Snowy here!
Country life is new to me - (4 yrs) with cows and horses for neighbors and lots of quiet..
I'm still adjusting from having lived a 'stone's throw' from NYC since I was 3!
*Luvs - I agree with Jeanne...nice you can enjoy the warm sunshine with the Mts for a view.


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20 mins south of the Missouri State Line.
Still snow / ice covered here , thinking spring and feeling certain that furry Phil is quite a little "fibber". lol

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Central Arkansas, just plain ole cold here.

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Illinois or for those of us stuck here for one reason or another ILL-ANNOY! Hate it, hate it, hate it, should have moved to warmer climate years ago, before dh & sons got established in good jobs here!

Too hard to move away from the gkids now!

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SE Wisconsin (Milwaukee/Waukesha County area). We also got hit pretty bad with the latest blizzard and my office actually declared a snow day yesterday! So we were off work along with all the schools.

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Thanks Everyone, I am really enjoying seeing all the different states being hailed from.

Marlene, you lil' Southern Belle, how wonderful to still be on the property you were born and raised. Now that is putting down roots! Love it.

Party, hope you hang in there on "keeping up with us". As for you preferring "minimalist, natural, neutral, and functional"...that's what makes it interesting I think. Its fun to see how others decorate and their likes.

Jane, NYC to the country life...sounds good to me. LOL. I hope you are are liking the changes, sure are big ones.

Yacht, I wish you could pack those bags and move this way.
Tho we are having our AZ version of this unbelieve Arctic storm. I heard while ago that Siberia was actually warmer than some of our N. AZ. towns. WOW. Phoenix rarely gets any freezing temps, and this time of year 40's would be our normal low. But its been our high the last few days!
Dipping into the teens at night now, folks are losing plants and trees who can't take the hard freezes here. Some great photos on the news of fountains frozen with dripping icicles on them, and also on cactus.
Next week its back into the 70s and our taste of of winter will be over most likely. Wish I could share it with y'all.

hugs, Karen

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Kansas City area here, KS side. One DD here, one in Denver. If Denver moves somewhere warm, I am following her! Or whoever has GKids first! Hard decision. LOL!

Christmas Candy-- What are your favorite shopping haunts?

Jeanne-- have you ever been to Walnut, Iowa for antique events? I know it is far from you.


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I live in NE PA in the Scranton area.
Although We've had a lot of snow, ice and cold we've been spared the worst of the recent storms. Not bragging tho, because who knows what the next storm will bring our way.
I sure do hope Phil is right. THINK SPRING!!!

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Karen, I live in Ohio but I think I've mentioned that before. I am north of Dayton and west of Columbus. I am very thankful we've not had all the really bad storms that other parts of the country have had to endure. - Marylee

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This is an interesting thread!
Another country girl here, I live in the mountains near Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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ladypat...yes, I've been to Walnut, IA a few times...to all the WONDERFUL antique stores..,it's about 200 mi from here...& it is a small town FILLEd w/antique & specialty stores! Cool place! Jeanne S. (I Googled & added link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: City of Walnut, IA

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On a 'side note'...I just wanted to add, -
how good hearted and friendly our New England neighbors are.
Yesterday, DH was talking to our neighbor down the road, and mentioned about the oil company not being able to make a delivery because the snow on both sides of our driveway has created a narrow wall. This morning..her husband calls saying he's coming with his backhoe to open up our driveway from the snow..He wouldn't take NO for an answer!!
Right now, he's out there (so far almost 2 hrs) going up and down our very steep driveway, scooping up snow and transporting it to other areas on our property!!
I can't begin to tell you how heartning it is to know that 'Genuine Goodness In People' still exists..

As far as the Oil Company... DH - on phone this morning.. and they're saying MAYBE today..but Definitely tomorrow!!
We've got the fireplace roaring and heaters going..to make matters worse, the kids are home again! All CT schools are closed because they're inspecting all the school roofs to make sure they're safe from collapsing from the weight of the heavy snow!
Please Phil we're counting on you to be Right!


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Illinois born, Austin, Texas now.

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Karen, I wish our winter only lasted a few days & then went back to 70! Heck to us midwesterners, 70 is shorts weather!

Slinkey, there are still some good people left in this world, fewer & farther between than used to be, but you are so lucky to have that neighbor clearing out your drive for you.

I hope you get your delivery today!

I read that many west coast states are having to cut back, due to shortages of natural gas, now isn't that a kicker!

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I live on family property that my Grandparents bought in 1929. My house was built in 1956.
The Florida panhandle (Pensacola) has a cold rainy day--46 with a mid 30s windchill.

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Speaking of snow and cold weather, it's been at or below zero here for several days now. Yesterday is was -7 degrees here. And, our state screwed up their natural gas order . . . so, something like 32,000 homes and businesses down the middle of the state, from the south up through Taos are without natural gas since yesterday morning . . . including us!
No heat, no hot water for showers, washing dishes, clothes, etc. We can't use the stove or the grill. Thank goodness we just has a cord of wood delivered recently, as the only heat we have is from our 3 fireplaces inside and one electric space heater. Last night I made meatloaf, baked potatoes and green beans for dinner. I sauteed the onions for the meatloaf in the microwave and cooked the bacon in the oven. Those were both something I've never tried before, but it worked. DH stopped at a bakery in town for special breakfast things today, as it's my birthday and he usually cooks me something. He's bringing dinner home tonight, too. We'd go out, but many restaurants are now closed, too.
I'd LOVE to be able to wash my hair and take a shower, but that's not happening today! All the schools and colleges in the area are closed because they either don't have heat and hot water (DD's school) or they're conserving natural gas, per the governor. DD's been out since Tuesday. We're heading to the movies or mall today . . . someplace warm! If it gets too cold in here, several of our close friends have invited us to come and stay with them. The state is saying it will probably be at least 2 more days before they can get this fixed. (Sigh!)We're supposed to be hosting a combination Super Bowl/birthday (mine is today and DH's is the 8th) party here on Sunday. What a mess!

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Gosh Lynn, that is terrible you have no heat. I guess the Southwest is just not prepared for frigid temps! I sure hope you get your heat, and hot water, back asap. And your Super Bowl party goes off as planned. This weather has sure put a damper on the Super Bowl festivities, as well the major golf tournament running here this week/end. We're just not use to ice on our golf courses, LOL.

Nona, I loved hearing the history of your home. I think it would be wonderful to have property owned by grandparents. Thanks to the Air Force, I grew up "rootless". All my relatives stayed in a small town in Alabama (Florence) but my Dad chose to spend 30 yrs in the Air Force. Tho when we moved here, I was 14 and he bought me my first horse, and I just flat planted my little booted feet down and said I'm STAYING. So my three kids and my 8 kids are all Phoenix born and raised. ;o)
Tho now I wish I lived in some small town, as I'll always be a country girl at heart.

hugs, Karen

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Mid-Missouri--near Columbia.

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Golly, Lynn. I'd wish you a Happy Birthday, but it looks like the celebration might have to be put off. Staying warm is a priority for me. I'm often cold in the middle of summer if I drink a cold drink too fast.
Hope the schools get back to business soon.
Good luck.

I come from a small town in northern California. Well, I guess it's not so small now, but it had 15,000 in the city limits when I left for college. So to me, San Francisco is a BIG CITY. New Yorkers laugh at that. We now live south east of Los Angeles. We have lived here all our married lives. Not much of a fan of LA, but I sure like the weather and the proximity to the ocean.

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Wow, isn't it amazing how many different states are represented here?
Pat, I am a retired HS History teacher. Now I am a manufacturer's rep for plumbing supplies, so I travel a lot with my job. I spend my lunch hours hitting the thrift stores in the different towns I am working and get fast food and eat while I travel. I visit Salvation Army, GoodWill, ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens), DAV, Humane Society, Unique (for the Lupus Foundation), and some that are just generic thrift stores. I know the location of lots of different TS's pretty much wherever I travel. I like the thrill of the hunt and the fact that I find some really unique pieces that are different from what one finds in regular stores. I also find lots of goodies at Dollar Tree. Then of course, Ross on Tuesday as that is Senior Day. I rarely go to malls as I feed my retail therapy habit more inexpensively at the thrift stores, LOL.

Jane, what a great neighbor! Hope you got your oil!!

Lynn, I hope you got your heat back on. I'd be an icicle without our gas, as our only fireplace is gas and we found out this week, it won't light if it is below Zero!!
Happy Birthday anyway.
Don't worry about your hair if you go out. Since it's so cold out, just put on a hat and nobody will know!!LOL

Karen, We are watching the Phoenix Open on the golf channel, and while it is chilly, it's a whole lot warmer than here! Does DH go to watch?
We got all the way into the 40's today, but more snow is om the way this weekend. : (
This is a really interesting thread. Thanks for starting it.

Stay warm everybody.


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I'm in the Northwestern corner of NC about 20 mi from both Va and Tenn. It's raining here right now, but supposed to change to ice and snow later tonight. I"ll sure happy to see Spring! Janet

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This is quite the thread you have going Karen. It's great,

Jane, wonderful neighbor and I will pray you get some oil soon. So glad you can use your fireplace and have heaters to keep warm. Keep us updated.

Lynn, hope you had a Happy Birthday with all that's going on for you right now. Good thing you have some wood for the fireplaces and that space heater. Some day you will look back and reminisce about the way your cooking to get through this. Sure hope this all ends soon for you too. One doesn't realize how much we need hot water until we don't have any...

We had freezing rain this morning, it rained most of the day and it's raining tonight. It did warm up during the day enough to melt the ice thank goodness. It was much nicer driving home tonight on the wet roads instead of ice. I don't have any plans for this weekend so will stay home and work on some projects for the benefit coming on the 19th.



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Here we go, so far...

Karen...... Ariz.
Luv's...... S. Calif
Oldalgebra...... S. Calif
Yachter...... Illinois
Trudymom...... Illinois
Marlene....... Virginia
Punk...... Montana
Jane...... Connecticut
Frou...... Arkansas
Milosmom...... Arkansas
Candy...... Colorado
Jeanne...... Iowa
Jaybird...... Texas
Trudymom....... Texas
Lynn...... N. Mexico
Lynne...... N. Carolina
Janet...... N. Carolina
Kirk...... Washington
Kathleen...... New York
Partymusic...... New York
LadyPat...... Kansas
KarenMo...... Missouri
blizlady...... Wisconsin
Nana K...... PA
Marylee...... Ohio
Nona...... FL
Oakley...... OK

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Wow.. just think of what a wonderful Cross Country Trip we could take in our ole 'Holiday Bus'... visiting ALL our friends here!
*Still no oil..This morning they said 'we're on the list'...however, it's 'Up to the driver' to decide if he wants to come down the driveway or not! Guess what
it's doing outside? ...yep, it's the 'white stuff' !


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