Miele coffee system and well water

nerdMarch 23, 2012

We are considering installing a Miele plumber in coffee maker. Our water system is well water, however, we have a reverse osmosis filtration system for drinking water. Has anyone had any issues with using this type of water in their machine?

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I would think RO would be fine if you can generate enough to fill the tank.

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Much of the municipal water supply in the US is well water. You should have no problem with your unit provided you find the osmotic system puts out a palatable glass of drinking water. If you intend to tap off the RO system, then use that water for your initial hardness test. (The machine is sent with a water test strip. You follow the instructions to get a numerical value of the hardness of the water and enter that into the coffee system's NVRAM as instructed)

The hardness test tells the machine how often to call for a descaling procedure.

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My neighbors have the Miele built-in coffee system. We are on well water and have RO. She loves it! She did have techs out once for a repair issue, but I've never heard her complain and they've had it for at least 5 years.

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In June 2013, was cautioned by Miele tech support *not* to use an RO system in conjunction with our Miele built-in system. According to Miele, RO removes minerals to the point that the machine cannot correctly detect that there's water in the system. It apparently relies on electrical conductivity due to minerals in the water.

I believe (but cannot conclusively state) that a remineralization filter after the RO membrane *should* do the trick. This raises the "beneficial" mineral content and tips the PH balance slightly towards the alkaline, so the machine should work.

FWIW, I'm on city water that's very hard (420+ppm) and currently use an ultrafiltration system. It does not reduce hardness, though, so I'm considering a move to RO+remineralization to extend the life of my Miele.

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+1 on the RO system not being able to activate the sensors on a miele coffee machine.

It will depend on YOUR exact system though so you,ll jus have to try it.

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