Red Valentine Buffet

excessfroufrouFebruary 6, 2011

I don't have much red, but I gathered up what I do have (most from last year's Valentines Day) and decorated my buffet. DMIL gave us the wine cooler for Christmas, I have one, but this one is bigger. I made the cream cheese brownies for a super bowl party later today, but thought they fit the buffet. They are not very football like, but I bet they get eaten. I also set a Valentine table, but want to take some pix at night so I'll try and post it tomorrow, it's pink.


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Frou, that's beautiful! I love how the red peeks out from under the crocheted cloth. The silver is beautiful with the red and white.

Oh, and I'll take one of those brownies...they look scrumptious! I would love to have the recipe.

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bright, cheery & yummy! looks real good, frou...Valentine-y!
I am typing one handed for awhile...the slippery ice won this i won't be rattling on for a few days!

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Frou, The cherry cream cheese brownies look wonderful. Drooling as I type! I agree with Dream and Jeanne. Love the red under your doilie. The silver is great added to your decorations. The scrolled LOVE on top is so neat.

Your white bird cage, candle holders and cups tie this all together. Sweet.

Jeanne, ouch, what happened to you? Did you break it or does it just feel like it? That's not Good!


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It looks great, and the brownies looks so good!
Love the little bird cage! How cute!

J, that's awful. DH went out to get the mail and couldn't stop sliding. My car stopped him, and I had to go out with the sand so he could move. Is anything broken?

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All your red items look great together, Frou, especially that lucious dessert! How neat that you even had valentine mugs to use. ;o)

Jeanne, are you okay? Sure hope nothing got broken, do take care.


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Went to er on fri nite in hosp 3 hrs from home GS's b'day ... x-rays didn't show any breaks..dr put in brace & pain meds...couldn't bend fingers, dr said to see my reg dr on mon & get another x-ray.. is much better and can move fingers now so hoping 4 the best..thank you gals...i will belurking for awhile...not a good 1 -handed typist. jeanne s

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WOW, look at Frou go RED!! ;o)

It looks great, tho dessert is waaaay too tempting and now I'm hungry for something sinfully sweet. The little birdcage is adorable.

Jeanne, I'm so sorry you fell and got hurt. Glad nothing broken, but lousy way to have spend Friday night finding out. Sure hope you can resume your chatting here soon.
Stay off the ice!

hugs, Karen

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Wow frou.. Festive and Yummy.
Your red plates make a pretty backdrop for eveything and the white lace is a nice contrast with the silver.
Hope you enjoyed a nice SB party..I bet those brownies 'Scored a Hit'!

jeanne...Sorry for your fall, luckily it wasn't worse, however, Sprains can be more painful than breaks.
Take care of your injury and give it enough time to heal. This time of year, there are so many people in the ER due to falls from the ice.

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sorry frou...for hijacking...but send mr a brownie, will ya! LOL! & here i thought just 'old people' fell on the ice! poop...that means i must B in that category now! LOL

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Thanks guys and don't worry about hijacking, I just hope your in for a quick recovery. Just be sure to rest your poor little hand. The brownies were a triple chocolate mix, then I went on line and found a recipe for the cream cheese layer, added and swirled that and then topped with cherry pie filling.

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Frou- Cheery buffet! Like the candle holders and that wine cooler! Love that silver.

Jeanne- so sorry to hear, give us a "short" note after 2nd Xray. Check one:

I am ok, still nothing broken ____

I am ok, tired of this, send lots of flowers and candy____



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Frou Your buffet is lovely AND delicious looking!!!!
The combination of red white and silver is perfect.
Jeanne hope your arm is getting better. When kids fall on the ice they bounce. The over 20 [hmm hmm] crowd not so much.

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Fou, sorry I am so late posting on this, just been at the computer a min or two at a time for a couple of days and sort of missed this until I read another post about Jennies fall, so had to reread to find out what was going on. Your Val buffet is just too yummy. Everything is so sweet. Red has always been one of my fav colors, even if it wasn't Val or Christmas.

Jeannie, so sorry to hear of your fall. Hope your'e doing better now. Ice causes so many bad injuries and this winter has been worse than most. Take care of that wrist and get well quickly. Janet

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