GE Profile 48 Range questions

tomwatxMarch 20, 2013

I have been reading on this site about all my options in regards to ranges and have decided on the GE Profile Dual Fuel 48 range.

My question for those who have griddle or grill, which did you choose and why? I know I want 6 burners, so I'm having trouble deciding between the griddle and grill.

At this point I'm leaning toward the grill since I can always just put a griddle plate on top of 2 burners when I want to use a griddle and remove it when I don't... but I can't add a grill if I ever decided I wanted one.


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I can't answer your question but I am really curious as to where you saw a GE Profile range with a 48-inch width? This seems to be something really new. AFAIK, all the Profile stoves are 30-inches wide and only GE's Monogram line has 48 inch wide stoves.

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Thank you for the correction... yes, I am talking about Monogram.

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I love the griddle on my 48 range. We cook everything on it, from eggs to fried rice. We even heated up pizza on it. My husband loves looking on the griddle.

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