Grout Panic)

mtnrdredux_gwMarch 28, 2013

Since our GC is not finishing our punch list, we are.

There are two spots in the house where we needed a few extra tile pieces that did not get done in the first go. We have the tile and the tiler, but we do not know the color of the grout.

I kept a file of paint colors, but I did not keep a file of grout colors. because at the time you pick them you don't think you will need to grout again, KWIM? We do not have contact info. for the sub, who is in another state and probably unpaid anyway. The GC will be no help.

HERE IS THE ONLY clue I have:
When every area was tiled (2 years ago), the tiler came to me with a little black fold up case. When the case unfolded, there were maybe 2 or 3 dozen little planks (about the size of a pencil liner) lined up in the sleeves. Each one was a grout color. He would take out a few, lay them against a tile, and we would pick one. I don't recall color names, since on that day I was choosing different grout colors for all the bathrooms, and some entry areas. BUT, does anyone recognize the brand I am talking about? Does anyone know who makes the black sleeve of samples? If I had that I could probably match.

Thanks in advance!

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They all have those sample boxes. It should be easy to figure out which one it is at a tile store. I can't remember which brand(s) were black. There seem to be only two or three go to brands that are popular around here and carried by most stores. They let you take little sticks home. So, take all of the similar colors.

Problem with the grout in my house (two different installers) is that they often use too much water so the color actually washes out. They do not match the samples at all!

It is also very hard to get another batch to mix up exactly the same even from the same bag depending on the amount of water used (who mixes it, they do not follow directions!). There are likely pigment variations with lots too.

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Thanks, Snookums, for the advice. At least there do not seem to be as many grout colors out there as there are paints!

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I have several sample boxes at home and recall that Laticrete's is black. Did it look like this?

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Yes, they only have a few selections in a range as I recall. I know the type colors I was choosing were very limited. So it shouldn't be hard to spot. Excepting for if your color came out as it was supposed to or not. Then you might have to look at another brand, which I did for a closer match.

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Thanks everyone!

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