V - Zug Has An Interesting Induction Hob

llaatt22March 14, 2012

The Swiss made unit seems to have a couple of striking features (besides the high cost!) if the description is correct. One is that the five cooking areas apparently have variable focus inductors which can cope with a wide range of pan sizes and they also run at a constant power level (like gas, but perhaps using a fast swept induction "beam") depending on the "burner" setting. Most systems in use today are fixed focused for a few specific pan sizes and use "on - off" switching of short bursts of maximum power to achieve the lower cooking temps.

Built to work on 400v 3 phase or 230v Euro power. The pdf user manual in German seems to be all there is on the net.

Here is a link that might be useful: V-Zug

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Sounds a lot like the Gagg and/or Thermador.

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I'm not sure when you cut through the promotional lingo on the link that it's any different from the many different zoneless induction cooktops that have been available in Europe for at least four years. The BSH Freedom that Weedmeister mentioned is only remarkable for its electronics/control unit. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard zoneless. Oh, and for the fact that they plan to see it here, soon.

Can you explain more about this power level thing? That wasn't on your link. And I only know half a dozen words in German.

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I've dug around with web translation but even the fancy factory brochure and stark users manual don't bother directly explaining what is going on. It is mostly pushed as an eco friendly measure involving lower power consumption and more precise heat settings. It isn't zoneless but can also do things like a bridge by putting the back and front units in tandem under one control. Guess the idea is to be able to say it is the closest induction clone to a gas burner.

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Thanks, Laat. I'm even more confused about the tech now, but at least I have a better idea about the configuration.

Kas? You here? Do you read German?

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