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carsonheimMarch 19, 2014


We are about to start construction on our new home. I'm having a difficult time with the master bath and hoping to get some input.

We have a huge space, but even so, there's no linen closet storage. I thought maybe if I move the tub down I can fit one in next to the WC. But I don't know if that would look wonky.

Can anyone here weigh in this and provide suggestions?

Here's the current plan:

Here's an idea:

Would this look weird? Any other ideas?

Thanks for any input you can provide!

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I wouldn't squish your tub space. It'll ruin the spaciousness of your room and make it pretty hard to clean around there.

Is there any reason you have that little jog out on your toilet room? Are there pipes in that little triangle?

If not, you could have a straight door positioned approximately where you have that blue arrow, and put a linen tower against the wall beside the arch. You could also steal some space from your > 9 foot long vanity, and have the linen closet open into the doorway (YOu could install a pocket door or barn door instead of double inswinging doors (Where are all your 3 doorways leading to? Assuming the arch top is a doorway?)

The other obvious spot is to build drawers on bottom part of the vanity with a linen tower above, either having granite there too, or making it all one closet.

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I totally agree with Raehelen.
Your bath tub will look like a focal point of the entire space and it should be aligned with the window as much as possible.

If the toilet room can't be rearranged to make room for a linen cabinet, you can incorporate many storage options into your huge vanity - including towers, drawers, etc.

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Do you want a full make-up area away from a water source? I would probably put this adjacent to the sink and make that area over where it says "make-up" linen and other storage.

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Wow, I'm so glad I posted this.

Raehelen -- I think your idea of putting a linen tower next to the WC is good. I didn't even think of that.

The little jog and the triangle were simply to create symmetry with the shower.

The three doors lead to bedroom (top door), closet (right door) and workout room (bottom door)

What do y'all think about this?

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Better. No chance of toilet room door hitting tub?

What a beautiful space! (Still love my new Master BR which is approximately the same size as, maybe even smaller, than your shower!!!)

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I think you risk the toilet room feeling cramped, assuming that the smaller one still meets code. What about shifting the top door to the right a bit and putting a shallow linen closet along the shower wall?

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I still think the problem is that 13'6" of vanity is excessive. If you can't fit linen storage into that 13' + there's something essentially wrong with the plan.

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Your WC feels cramped now.
Turn your linen to face the vanity, not the shower.

Also, do you need a linen closet? Most everything should be able to be taken care of between the vanity, the vanity (makeup), and the WIC...

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Building codes typically require a minimum toilet space of 30" wide x 48" long (add more length if the toilet is longer than 29"). Therefore, whatever you feel is comfortable is unlikely to violate the code.

Tell me more about the tub. What is the make and model number? Are the mixer and fill spout on the tub, the wall or the floor?

Can the windows move or change size? what is the heights of the window stools? What is the ceiling height?

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You really want a traditional linen closet plus, in my opinion, a huge amount of counterspace. You want a plan that has symmetry and openness. You want to have a separate makeup counter. I get that. Sticking a linen closet in next to the tub or next to the toilet room is going to break up the look that I think you are after. Think about what you will actually store in the linen closet. I bet it will be mostly towels, not bed sheets and blankets. You have a ton of storage opportunities in your vanities especially since they are most probably custom. For example, the storage under the sinks - you can have large drawers for your towels. If it were me and I did not want to break things up too much, I would move the sinks down and put a linen cabinet at the end of the vanity in the corner. It will be out of the way and not break up the vanity. You will probably just have a single stack of towels so the cabinet does not need to be that wide. Just my opine on the current discussion.

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Thank you so much for your help. I was really going nuts over this. Yes, we DO have a good amount of storage; I'm just so used to having a dedicated linen closet that I was really struggling with not having it. We've always had that closet for towels, sheets, extra blankets, etc and have always used it.

I really feel like trying to shove in a linen closet somehow would compromise the overall feel of the bathroom. So what I decided to do was just make a little change to the makeup vanity. So the footprint remains the same, and I'll add a tall tower on the left side of the makeup vanity.

Thanks again for your help. Having others to bounce ideas off of is so helpful! We are about to break ground in a week or two, so I wanted to make sure my plans are as final as possible before the framers get in there.

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Have you considered shortening the sink vanity some instead? I mean you'll need more stuff around for the make-up area then you do for the vanity area and 9'9" is a very large one. You could use 20" out of it and still have a generous sized one at 8 ft. I would stick it across from the toilet area and move the sinks down. This way it balances out the enclosed toilet area too. You could use frosted glass doors or something on it to make it feel less enclosed.

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I agree with lyfia, leave your make-up storage as is, shorten your sinks vanity to @100" (117" is huge, but so is 100") and add a linen closet in the corner.

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Howdy folks,

Just wanted to post an update. My ID showed me a photo of a bath that inspired this change. Here's what I think I've decided on:

It's a tad tight to access the towel storage, but overall I really like it. Here's the inspiration photo:

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"Building codes typically require a minimum toilet space of 30" wide x 48" long"...


I believe it's 30" by 60" minimum.

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I don't like the linen towers and the tub in the plan drawing because it looks awkward to use. I think you will feel like you are walking around something to access the cabinets, then you have to open the door too. This will add more congestion. If your linen towers were narrower I think it would feel less congested. The inspiration picture is pretty but I don't think it is practical storage for towels. Will you need all those towels before wash day? It is just so large. I think I'd dedicate an area in the walk in closet for linen storage. And the vanity is very large too and could store towels.

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Without changing the floor plan, I just tweaked the shower. Dimensions can be tweaked as needed.

Most people want built-in shower benches because they seem so logical. They seem to make sense. Over time however, unless it's a steam shower? Built-in tiled benches seldom get used as anything other than a storage shelf for lotions and potions.

The cold tile can be chilly on the back side. If the bench isn't deep enough, when you sit your lower back contacts the cold wall tile.

I usually recommend a moveable wood bench. You can use it where you want, when you want. And for any sort of ADA-type of use; assisted bathing for example, a moveable bench is ALWAYS preferred over a built-in bench.

You can remove the bench completely or just partially (blue line) and create a storage cabinet as indicated. The 45-degree wall just inside the shower door can have the shower head supply valves (in red), so you can turn on the water without stepping into the shower.

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