It can't be this hard! (Honda Wiper Blades)

jxbrownDecember 29, 2007

The instructions on the package say "Remove old wiper blades" and that's where I get hung up. The car is a 2000 Honda Accord. Where am I supposed to be squeezing, prying, or unscrewing the old blades?

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Unfortunatley, wiper blade design is not standardized. There seems to a different fastening method for each manufacturer of blades.

I'm not familar with the Honda original blades, so I'll give some general clues that I've found on my cars.

If you have the usual 2-blade for the windshield, go to the passenger side and examine that wiper arm and blade. (That blade, when in the parked position, is nearer the edge of the car and easier to see.) Look at where the wiper blade assembly attaches to the wiper arm.

(If you have a sport UTE, go look at the rear wiper arm. Its probably of the same design and is much easier to examine.)

Does the end of the wiper arm end in a "U" shape commonly called the "J" type. If so, look for a small release button or protrusion. Push this down and push the wiper blade toward the shaft end of the wiper arm. The wiper blade assembly should slide from the end of the J shape. Then its's a matter of raising the wiper arm away from the windshield and fiddling with the blade until you find how it comes off. You may end up rotating the blade nearly upsidedown to get room to slide the j-hook out of the slot.

Another type of wiper arm ends with a straight end with a hole in its end. The blade assembly stays on the arm by a pin or protrusion in this hole. This type releases by pushing down on a spring clip to push the protrusion out of the hole and then slide the assembly off the arm. A varation on this type has a small lever on the side of the blade assembly. Press this down to release. Another style has a small opening in the side of the blades assembly for insertion of a small tool like a screwdriver blade. The object of all of these is to push the spring loaded pin or protrusion out of the hole so the blade assembly can slide off.

If the blade package is clear plastic, look to see if there is a folded instruction sheet inside. If you are sure that you have the correct replacement blade, open the package and retrieve the instruction sheet. It may illustrate your type of assembly.

Wiper blades are available in two levels: one is the bare wiper blade itself, and the second is the complete assembly of the wiper blade plus its holder. Its best to purchase the entire assembly because of the many variations in design and the difficulty of putting a plain blade into the holder. Some designs require bending metal while others are not expected to be refilled.

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If you bought it at a auto parts store, many will install it for you if you ask. Watch them do it, so you know how to do it next time. When I first started replacing blades, I got confused until I did it a couple of times, now they're literally "a snap".

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