Tub decorative molding/ Chair rail molding question

WalkerlifeMarch 6, 2014

Sorry for the bad iPhone picture.

My contractor misunderstood and thought I wanted the trim molding like this above the tub (seen to the left of photo). I imagined this but with I guess a chair rail above and it all painted white beneath the chair rail. I'm just now realizing I probably cannot do a chair rail molding without doing it in the entire room, right?
I don't dislike what he's doing, so I'm looking for finished inspiration photos of molding like this over painted walls.


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I like the look he's going for. You might be able to avoid taking it all the way around. Could you put up a piece of trim from floor to ceiling so it looks a little like a column? Then you could stop the molding there.

In this picture they brought the wainscot all the way around but they could have ended it where that column is on the corner of the tub.

Here they used tile and stopped it but picked it back up as the back splash.

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Here it is more finished. Thoughts, everyone? Does this look cheap and tacky? I actually like it, but I'm not 100% on it.

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Also, if we did chairrail here there's natural stopping points on both sides. But I'm unsure if it will look undone if we don't so the rest of the room. There isn't much other wall space...just around the toilet and the vanity wall.

So I guess my question is 1) leave it as is 2) chair rail only around tub and paint it all white beneath or 3) go all out and run chair rail around the room??

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It doesn't look tacky to me. I might have made two rectangles instead of one, to match the tub surround. But I'd have to see them both in one picture to say for sure. One might look better than two. You might want to bring the chair rail on the left around and across the 4-5" width of the wall and then stop it there unless that's tile.

I actually think it might look off to have it stop for the shelves and then pick back up on the wall. I would just do it in the tub. You can always add it later if you don't like it.

The tub looks nice. I can imagine it with a nice curtain, maybe split so it frames the tub like a window. What can I say, I guess I'm a romantic!

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I agree with lottery ticket. I think it would look better if the two moldings matched. I would also paint out the molding as it is on the wall/door? to the right. What makes it look off is the white sitting there on top of the coloured wall.

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Raehelen, you'd paint the inside of the rectangle molding on the wall? Is that what you mean?

What you're seeing is a built in shelving unit on the right. I'm attaching another photo with the trim beneath the tub. The rectangle trim between tub and floor spans from the beginning of tub to the end of the built on, so we couldn't match the rectangle trim above the tub because of this.

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I don't like the white trim on the blue wall at all. It looks tacky to me. It looks plastic.

I DO like it on the white shelving.

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OK, seeing this last picture I think I would remove the molding from the wall. Just leave the white molding on the white tub surround and shelves. If you do want to keep the molding on the wall (I think it is too busy and doesn't add anything, I think by not having it on the wall, it makes the molding on the other surfaces more special), I would paint it out, ie paint everything the wall colour.

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Agree that looking at the whole picture changes my mind and I would take the molding off the wall. I do like it on the surround and cabinets.

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Thanks for the input! Still undecided at this point but leaning towards removing it or leaving it as is, but not adding anything else.

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I have to start with the tub apron itself. I don't like anything that has to do with the picture frame molding on the tub apron. I don't get the frame that runs off the right side of the tub apron and behind the side fo the vanity. I understand that the wall continues off behind the vanity. I just don't get the trim layout and the 1-1/2 frames that cover the tub apron.

With that in mind, I'd want the frames on the tub's back wall to mimic, or at least try to relate to, the frames on the tub apron. They don't. Not even close. A single large frame on the back wall. 1-1/2 frames on the tub's apron.

To keep the frames on the back wall at a minimum I'd want a chair rail on the left and back tub walls and I'd want to paint the chair rail and everything below it white.

Good luck with it.

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Sophie Wheeler

Don't like the molding at all. None of this install looks water rsistant enough to be around a tub, even if it's just a soaking tub. And I also don'tcare for howthe cotractor is insidethe tub. It should have been covered with a moving blanket and a protective sheet of plywood for a work platform for the contractor to stand on instead of standing in your new tub.

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