I got a new 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee for Christmas...more

sharon620December 16, 2005

Hi Everyone!

This past week my hubby told me to go pick out a new car. He paid off my debt with my Montero. He knew how much I hated it and it was giving us all this trouble. This time I leased though. It is only a 2 yr lease with Jeep. I picked out the 06 Grand Cherokee limited. It is navy blue with grey leather.I am so excited! One question though... what is a Hemi engine? That what the salesman told me it has. It is a V-8 with a Hemi engine and Quadra-Trac 2. I have no idea what either one of these are. I am just happy to get out of my other situation that I will NEVER get myself into again.

I also have back up sensors!! Yipee! Being 4 11, it helps!!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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A Hemi engine (the Hemi?) is named that because the combustion chambers have a hemispherical shape. This is one way of increasing the power that the engine can generate.

Quadra-Trac II is Jeep's name for the traction-control system used on their trucks. It manages the amount of power going to each wheel based on how hard you step on the gas or the brake, the amount of traction each wheel has at the moment, etc.

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A Hemi? You got a hot rod!
But now all the self appointed guardians of the world are gonna say you're wasteful and evil for not getting a 2 cylinder electric/mice driven engine that gets 1,000 MPG. But who cares about them? Enjoy your new ride!

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To Steve and Christopher,
Thank you for your replies! I am so excited to get my new jeep.
I know when I test drove the SUV it flew. That is not what I am all about though. I just want a safe, reliable, good looking car.
To all of you who think I am damaging the atmosphere. Oh well! It is not the worse anyone could do.
Happy Holidays!

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Sharon, in truth, you are damaging the environment about as much as a man casting a sand pebble into the ocean.
You have made a wise choice - best of luck.. and enjoy..

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