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peachesncreamDecember 12, 2006

I am from the KT. I have a ????.

What is the biggest gauge of jumper cable I can buy? Is it a 2, or 4. So far the biggest I have been able to find is an 8. I know they make bigger. Also, where is the best place to get these? Thank you! I hope I haven't confused you.

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Go to a NAPA parts store. The one near where I work has a very good selection from cheep to very good, and priced accordingly. The NAPA near my house on the other hand does not have a good selection. Don't know off hand what the wire guage choices are. If the NAPA store near you doesn't carry all of them, I'm sure they can order whatever you want and get it there within a day or two. As with a lot of things, you'll get what you pay for. jmo

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An 8 gauge cable ain't worth the wrapper that it comes in, imho, because it simply cannot handle the necessary amperage.

I have some extra long heavy duty ones I purchased from NAPA many moons ago and they have held up GREAT. Buy the good stuff... cry only once! :-)

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The suggestion to go to a NAPA store is a good one. I have two sets of NAPA jumper cables, one I keep at the shop, and one I keep in my Explorer.

Normally 10ft-12ft cables are going to do just fine, and really a 4 gauge will do the job. Even then for GOOD cables, expect to spend $60 or more. But if you really want 2 gauge. Try the link I have here for a reference. Pay attention to the battery clamps as much as the gauge of the cable. 2 gauge cable, with 300amp clamps on the ends is a waste of $$$$

BTW, depending on how often you need to do a jump start, those rechargeable battery packs are good for about one year. But to a shop/towing company, that can be a reasonable expense because there is always a risk of damage to both vehicles, if the cables are accidently connected incorrectly. It's a simple mistake that anyone can make, given enough chances.

Here is a link that might be useful: Serious, professional quality jumper cables

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I have a set of jumper cables that I made from 2 gauge welder cable and the apropriate clamps. They are between 25 and 30 feet long. I can start a 350 v8 with a completely dead battery without any wait. This was compared to my old set of 10 gauge by 12 feet cables that sometimes wouldn't even start a 4 cylinder car. Bigger is always better when it comes to these so get the best you can find and/or afford.

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