Desperately seeking help for mirrors/lighting with cabinet config

uponthehilltopMarch 30, 2014

Hello All,
We are in the final month if our build and I am stumped on how to best place mirrors and lighting in our master bathroom. The cabinet rendering looks cramped, it is not so tight in person.
Ceilings are 10 feet
Would you have a wall mirror put in and wrap around and place sconces in the mirror?
The sinks are not centered, so I cannot figure how individual mirrors would look, but that is my preference over huge walls covered with mirrors.
Could I do two mirrors that matched but one was wider than the other?
How would you place lighting?

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You could choose two framed mirrors (same size; don't recommend you go with two different sizes) to hang centered above the sink with a light fixture above each or two on each side of each mirror.

Or, you could go with wall mirrors wrapped around both walls with the two sconces on either side of each sink or one light fixture above the mirror for each sink.

It's really a matter of personal taste. After staying with a relative who had framed mirrors above her sinks, I decided to go with wall mirrors in my bath remodel. I loved the look, but hated how I couldn't see everything I needed to see when getting ready in the morning.

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we will have a corner vanity like this, and ours is more like an L shape. Originally I wanted two framed mirrors but couldn't figure out how to make it work and so I think I am just going to do the builder's large wall mirrors. If the sinks aren't centered, but you centered the framed mirrors over the sinks, would they then look off-centered on the walls? That was my conundrum. I didn't find an answer, so good luck! Post if you figure it out. ;-)

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I think if since the sinks will not be viewed head on at the same time like they would be if they were side by side, it won't matter that they aren't centered. I'd be sure to use mirrors (I'd use framed ones) a bit wider than the sinks with the sconces at the sides. Get some butcher paper and cut it out and tape to the walls to see how it looks and what size you like and where you want the sconces (do cut outs to stand in for sconces, too). You will be able to tell if the asymmetry bothers you.

Here is one with obviously different sized vanities. They used one much larger mirror (which I don't think you need to do) and I think it looks fine.

Traditional Bathroom

Look at the pics of the one I linked, it has a similar set-up to yours, in that they are not the same on both sides. It shows unframed mirrors, which look good, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: bath with corner vanities

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I agree with everything Olychick says. They don't need to be equal in size, I think she has a great example. I like to remember that a bathroom is about function.

Do mockups. I did a ton of them to determine the shape of my bathroom mirror. I made mockups of differing sizes of frames too.

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Thanks Olychick for that picture! So helpful!!
Thanks to everyone else for the input. Going to see about adding a corner cabinet....
Will keep everyone posted and will come back and post pics!

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