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katespak11March 19, 2014

I am new to, so please be kind if I am being redundant. We are buying a townhouse that is currently under construction. I am going to buy my own appliances as I am not interested in the builder package. Don't know if this is still true, but I understand that Viking gives the best prices to builders and we will be purchasing through the builder's sources. Currently Viking is offering "double warranty", meaning that they will double their 3 year warranty, full parts and labor, to 6 years. This covers all of their appliances if purchased together. I was skeptical and called Viking and it was confirmed. I am a former professional cook and cook all the time. I plan to buy the following:

30" gas range
Single 27" electric oven
Drawer microwave
30" under cabinet hood.
36" counter depth refrigerator

I don't mind paying a little more for appliances that have full coverage for 6 years. Any insight that anyone has would be most appreciated. Has anyone purchased Viking recently and taken advantage of this promotion.

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You'll not find much love around here for "packages"

Unless things have changed , or your builder does high volume (both possible) their discount isn't any better than most lines.

At any rate - you'll over pay for the viking name on the micro drawer and fridge which are re badged units from other makers. You'll be over paying for the dishwasher compared to what you can get from the Euro manuf. for th same $$$.

Their range is pretty solid though burners are underpowered in my opinion. Broiler is great.

You can take or leave their ovens. Nothing special.

Re: the xtra warranty - big whooooop! Especially since I have to buy so much to to qualify. Other manufactures give you a "free" dishwasher.

The party line around here is to get the best piece of equipment for the job / your needs&budget. Matchy Matchy doesn't even come into it.

I'd get a package price as a comparison/ baseline, but I'd assemble my own based on that budget.

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Thanks Xedos,
I wasn't clear on the package. If I purchase a pro range and a hood, I get the dishwasher for free. I don't have to purchase any more items but those.
But if I buy additional items at the same time they will be covered under the warranty.

I was told that the refrigerator is manufactured by Whirlpool. It is expensive for a freestanding model ($3499). I would prefer a built in but can't put that in my floor plan with the builder. They already made allowances for a second oven and 36" refrigerator. I know that all drawer microwaves are manufactured by Sharp and I would be paying premium for the drawer. ($1549). The single wall oven is MSRP is $4199.

With all of the repairs on the professional ranges listed here, I
like the idea of being covered for 6 years. In my current home I have GE Monogram. I had repairs on the oven and the cooktop in the first year. The ice maker on the refrigerator quit working after two years. I'm gun shy on all repairs, so this seems like Viking is willing to stand behind their products with the new ownership.

I don't have to purchase until late May so I'm trying to find out as much as I can.

Interested in what others have to say about the current Viking warranties.
Thanks so much for your response.

Here is a link that might be useful: Viking Warranty

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While I like the idea of a 6 year warranty, I think one would need to price out
"Extended warranties", (the warranty you buy after the one year warranty has expired) for any appliance you may be considering. Price it out for 5 years.

Now take the above number you came up with,
(when pricing these extended Warranties), and ADD it to the purchase price of any appliance you are considering.


Bosch DW, $1200, Extended Warranty (for 5 years) $300 = Total for appliance with 6 year warranty,
= $1500.

Now compare this to the price of the Viking DW.

Now you know about what you are paying for that "FREE" 6 year warranty!

Of course you want to compare appliance items that you deem have Similar attributes to the Viking, (Looks, performance, reliability and for some "The Name").


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Thanks Gary, I am unaware of any manufacturers offering a warranty of full parts and labor for that long a period of time. I will certainly ask. I appreciate your response.

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Lots of built in fridges that will fit into 36" if that's what you want. In fact , it's the epicenter of built ins. More than $3600 though.

If you're interested in performance I'd get a Capital Precision for the same price as that Viking - unless the looks just turn you off. It's not as pretty.

I'm sure you can get an upper level Bosch DW or entry level Miele AND a decent hood for less than the cost of the Viking hood and "free DW" which is nothing special.

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" I am unaware of any manufacturers offering a warranty of full parts and labor for that long a period of time".

I was not "Specifically taking about a warranty by a manufacturer"

There are many companies that offer "after Warranty", warranty.

In fact, the majority of appliance companies do not even do their own one year warranty service, ~~~they sub contract it out.

So the task is to find a GOOD after market warranty company, one that is close and has good reviews!!!!be sure to check the reviews and their BBB rating.

Sorry about the misunderstanding!


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or fore go aftermarket/extended warranty all together.

Put the $$$ in a rainy day account you won't spend unless you need it. If you get good stuff you won't likely need it. YOUR $$$ will be working for you, not the warranty company - which will be a pain to deal with no matter who it is, and most have a trip charge too ( not manuf. )

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Well Gary and Xedos you have given me much to think about. I think I will get the Thermador or Wolf range. I'm very interested in the Wolf Convection Steam oven. I will go with a Sharp drawer microwave, a well-rated Bosch dishwasher, and I will find a freestanding counter-depth, no bells and whistles refrigerator. Rather splurge on my range and oven.

I was thinking about my husband who likes to cook sometimes and a BlueStar or Capital would not be in his best interest since he thinks the only temperature is high. I'm also concerned about getting them repaired here. The steam oven will make him feel successful.

I appreciate all of your input. I will look into extended warranties, but my guess is that if there are going to be problems, most will rear their heads in the first year. (Wolf is now offering two years.).

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The Wolf is underpowered too. The co. standing behind it is waaaaaay ahead of Viking though.

The T'dor has pretty powerful burners but......their simmer setup is the pits. In order to get a low enough temp - the burners have to turn off and on. Way to complicated , something to break, and the "click" drives some people batty.

Re: repair. Gas ranges are fairly simple, and as long as you can get parts (and there aren't many serviceable ones anyway), service can be done by just about any competent repair person.

Havng a steam oven pretty much relegates the microwave to re-warming a cupa joe. Not worth spending $900 for. Get a $69 mimi dorm room model if you really gotta have one.

"I was thinking about my husband who likes to cook sometimes and a BlueStar or Capital would not be in his best interest since he thinks the only temperature is high. "

You are kidding yourself here. If he burns stuff cause he cooks only full blast - then the T'dor, Wolf, Viking, ...insert your brand here is going to cause problems.

Train him up to use the CONTROL knob on the front. FWIW - steam ovens are not plug and play. They take some getting used to in order to fully utilize their functionality. Gaggenau sends a decision wheel to help you chose the correct setting based on what you want to cook or re-heat, or bake.

So, he may not feel all that successful outa the gate with a steam oven.

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I love the look of Viking appliances especially the refrigerator. I would have no problem doing a package of Viking. If it was some crap line I would bulk, but Viking is a good product and the 6 year warranty is a nice gesture. The only thing I noticed that maybe for myself I'd do differently is that I prefer a 30 inch oven. You wouldn't think three little inches would make a difference but it does. But maybe you have no need for the 30". Good luck!

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gr8 - kate will have a 30" gas oven in addition to the 27" electric one.

Gesture ? You've got to spend a lota $$$ before you see their gesture !

They are a line in transition. The new owners are saying they are turning things around, but like U.S. cars a decade ago - there is a loooooooong way to come up to - and the jury is still out.

There are still safer bets in both categories.

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Thanks gr8day,
I will have an opportunity in the next couple of weeks to check them all out. Broke ground and poured the foundation on our new townhome last week so I have some time. The builder would like to have my decision by the end of May. I'm excited as this is the first time I can build a kitchen from scratch. It's not a large space, but that is fine with me. I like the looks of Viking as well, but want to cook on all of them and get quotes on everything. I will let everyone know what I decide. There seems to be a number of rebates out there.

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