crack in windshield

perk2December 6, 2005

Don't you just hate it? I'm driving down the highway when "POW" stone hits the windshield. Chip is in the lower passenger side so that is a "good" thing. Now it is cracking towards the drivers side. Is there a way to stop it from going any farther? Other than replacing it. Can't afford to do that right now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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The crack most likely will continue and I know of no method of stopping it other than to drill a hole at the crack tip (definitely not adviseable for the windshield). Your insurnace company should be able to help you with this.

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Insurance companies would prefer you get stone chips and similar damage stabilized and repaired as soon as possible, since they would rather pay a few bucks for that repair, than pay a lot more for total replacement, especially if your comprehensive rider covers that. I don't know if it's possible to stop that crack, or if it would still be considered safe in that condition. You should check with your carrier to find out what is possible.


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Thanks but the chip is spreading as a crack across the windshield. I'm guessing is that it will have to be replaced. I just hate to put out money for the deductible when Christmas is so close. Thanks for your help. When it gets closer to the drivers side then I'll have to pay the deductible and get it replaced. Thanks again.

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Fill the crack about 1 inch back with crazy clue. It will
slow the " crack walk " down. It will not stop it though.
Smooth the glue out with your finger so it doesn't leave a
mess. The crack should be on the inside of the window if it was hit hard enough. Make sure you fill up the " bulls eye " where the stone hit. The crack could be on the out side too so look carefully for it. STAY out of car washes
for a while and DON'T spray the window when it is 20 below.
Good luck. P.S. do this on a warm window and not outside.

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I don't think you have to be in a hurry to replace it unless your state has some requirement to fix it. I've had cracks across the entire windshield for a year or more before replacing and it didn't seem to matter. I don't think it will fall out or anything, but maybe someone know more about that.

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I used to think that cracks were really dangerous and would have them replaced immediately. Then I started waiting longer and longer, and nothing bad happened. So, like reekola, I don't think you have to be in a terrible hurry.

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The windshield is an integral part of the body. It is used to support the roof in a roll over. G.M. has sent us memos
on the replacement of the glass. If it is replaced with
" butal tape " all warranties and safety issues with G.M. are void and they can't be sued but the mechanic that installed the glass without using the approved urethane
adhesive can be. A 1/2 bead of the stuff properly cured will stop a 22 bullet. Most glass places and body shops still use butal tape. That stuff is a very soft black rope like filler that never hardens and is very easy to use and very fast. After many years a person can still push out a windshield held in with butal tape by lying on the front
seat and pushing the window out with their feet. Try that
with urethane,if the glass doesn't break first the metal
framing will bend. Bottom line. It someone went to all the
trouble to keep the glass in to use for support how much
support do you get with a cracked piece of glass before you even start ? That is why some states manate a replacement as soon as the glass is compromized. You can have a thousand cracks in your window and nothing will happen, maybe some vision problems though but i'd realy don't think i'd like to be rear ended, broad sided, or have
a roll over. Don't get into any accidents and you will be
just fine until you can afford to replace the glass. Make
sure they use the proper stuff. Just a little F.Y.I. All
cars use urethane now. I hate that stuff. It may take 4-6 hours to remove a windshield and clean up the surface for
replacement. Butal tape, maybe 1 1/2 hours tops.

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We have shops here in Ontario that do a repair job on cracked glass - don't know what they do, how well it lasts, or the price: not seriously expensive, I think.

I bought a replacement windshield for my old van three or four years ago (at least) for $65.00 and a glass shop wanted $55. to put it in - but when my cash payment to him added to $50. he said that was O.K.

No receipts - but it was below mu ins. co. deductible, anyway.

I've had trouble with sunlight glaring off of the broken edge impairing my vision while driving. Cut a thin strip of masking tape to apply along that edge of the crack to block it - it worked.

ole joyful

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And be glad you are not driving a commercial truck. When we go through the truck scales they have plenty of time to see any cracks in the windshield and any cracks over three inches long get a warning ticket. If the crack is in anyway obstructing your view it is a hazard and could cause an accident, it may not seem bad but at the time your vision is blocked it is too late.

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I just measured the crack. It is 2" long on both sides of the "chip". Like I said earlier it is in the passenger bottom area. Thanks for your help.

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Just a warning. We had glass coverage on our two cars, which was a rider and cost very little extra $. But in two years we had two cracked windshields replaced. That plus three accidents, two of which were not our fault. Well, it held up our auto insurance renewal for about six weeks. Our policy was held up in "underwriting" and Allstate wanted to cancel us. Think about it. Fixing a window ding is treated the same as an accident.

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I was told by the auto store there is no way to fix a crack that has started to spread.

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