Radiator Cap

sunshinesDecember 7, 2007

Went to dinner tonight and smoke was coming out under my hood, I came home and discovered that who ever checked my Antifreeze left the radiator cap off and the fluid had gone over the motor and everywhere, now it is completely dry. Good thing it happened before Sunday or I would have been stranded somewhere on the trip. You know now why I don't trust anyone with my car except the Honda mechanics. When Tom volunteered to take my car and have it checked I hesitated as I considered something might happen. ( Boy was I right ) One thing is for sure, it only enforces that I will never take my car to a jake leg, garage ever and Tom will have to refill my radiator with water and Antifreeze here at the house somehow as it cannot be driven without any fluid. My car is a 03 and I have never had one problem with it, until a jake leg got a hold of it. They just don't care.

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I sure let off some steam and it helped some but I didn't make it clear enough as to what happened. The reason I wanted to have the Antifreeze level checked in my Honda is because I'm going to drive way up North to Ohio, very close to Canada and wanted to make sure my car was protected enough to with stand a big freeze. Well they didn't have to add any today and that is what makes me so mad, why didn't they have sense enough to make sure the cap was screwed on properly. I pray that no damage has been done.

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Anti-Freeze contains an Anti-Fuss additive. Keeps your engine from being so fussy on the outside too. Plus now it won't get so cold. Double insulated.

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