Medicine cabinet - best way to avoid mirror wear

LinelleMarch 12, 2014

I'm finally interviewing contractors for my hall bath remodel so it's getting real. Unless something else changes my mind, I'm planning to have a (new) horizontally placed mirror over the vanity, thinking about 30x40 and a recessed medicine cabinet on the adjacent side wall, doesn't have to be huge, +/- 26x16 (what I have in my other bathroom). The one I have is a Broan with a beveled edge. It's 9 years old and the mirror finish has worn away everywhere I touch it to open it, corner, bottom, halfway up the sides. Do I need a framed mirror to avoid that? I don't want a big frame. I suppose how the mirror over the vanity is finished will influence how the medicine cabinet is finished? Or does it matter?

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I think a lot of the wear comes from water. In my old bathroom I had some wear around the edges. In the main bathroom, primarily used by DD there is almost no wear. She cleans that bathroom and I can almost guarantee that the most she does to the mirror is dust it, not wash it. I wash mine every week. Maybe that's why more wear on mine.

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I clean my medicine cabinet mirror with Windex when it needs it, not even close to once a week. :) The wear isn't on the surface, just along the edge where I touch it to open it. I don't manhandle things, so this is clearly gradual erosion of the edge. I had wanted a simple beveled edge, but thinking a very narrow frame might be in order.

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Mine is wall mounted so I don't even touch it with my fingers and there is wear around the edges. But I know you're correct that just the natural oils from your skin can wear it away over time.

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