Rim Size??????????

paddleDecember 15, 2006

My chevy express 2500 has 16 inch steel rims with an 8 bolt pattern. Does anyone think I can find 15 inch rims with an 8 bolt pattern??(I have 15 inch snow tires that are almost new!)

Would the dealership sell these or would I have to go to a tires shop? how about a scrapyard?


jim in Canada waiting for snow

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Why would you want to ? You will lose your deck height
and kiss your speedometer accuracy good by. If you can
afford that kind of vehical you can afford 16" tires.
15" rims with 8 bolts will not happen. If you do find your
15" rims you had better find all 4.

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Uhh! Make that 5 wheels if you find 15 inch ones. You'll need a spare. An 18 inch wheel won't do as a spare with the 15 inch wheels.

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I will assume that you've checked that the 15" snow tires are of the proper load rating for such a truck?

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Well, on the van right know are 225 75/R16 and the snow tires are 235 75/R15. I was told that I could use them if I found the proper rims(I need an 8 bolt chevy pattern)and it may effect my speedometer(faster or slower)but should work.
Is there such thing as a universal 15 inch rim?(bolt patterns to fit different makes of vehicles)


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at one time they were avaiable from the after market, those white spoke rims that were a favorite of the 4x4 set, i had 4 of the 8lug 15 inch type on a chevy 3/4 ton 4x4. good luck they may still be avaiable.

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Even if there were a "universal" pattern, it's likely the offset of the wheel differs from that of other brands.

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Try this page: Jegs. The wheels I think you want are the number 260-3105780. They are 15x7 with the "8 on 6.5" Chevy pattern. Be sure to check the offset and load rating of the wheel, as well as the load rating of the tire. These specs are just as important as being able to physically bolt wheels on.

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