Day/Night Side View Mirror 'Bleeding'

buckyDecember 15, 2007

Hey Fellas: The drivers side mirror on my 96 Riviera has gone real weird on me. Its a monochromatic lens and the glass is losing its reflective quality from the top down, kinda like bleeding. I managed to get a used but damaged mirror from a wrecker that has a good lens in it. My challenge is that I can't figure out how to remove the glass lens from the damaged mirror housing so that I can install it in my Rivs mirror housing. I have a set of GM shop manuals for the car but there is no info on this that I can find. Any idea how to go about removing the glass or where to find the glass removal procedure info would be much appreciated.

Cheers and a Merry Christmas to all on this most excellent list. Bucky

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Pretty sure it will just "un-snap" from it's mounting points. Well, that is depending on how dried out the plastic is, snap just might be all to accurate of a word.

Use the power to tilt the mirror all the way in one direction, you should then see the mounting points. Good Luck, I'm always fearful of breaking one of these things while attempting to fix it.

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You are not very clear on just what you want to replace.
Glass only on your existing housing or glass and housing assembly. Is this an electric mirror ? There is a very
easy procedure to remove the old glass but replacing from
used is almost impossible unless you replace the entire
assembly. If you have 4 way electric the procedure is
different again.

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Thanks for the response to my question fellas. The mirror is 4 way electric powered. The housing on the car is okay. I need to remove and replace the glass mirror from the housing. I know that I need to remove the door panel to get at the electrical connector but getting the mirror from the housing has me puzzled. John G. suggested the mirror should snap out of the housing but I can't see behind the mirror to see where the snaps would be. Any thoughts??

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Find a similar one in the junk yard and practice breaking it,,, err,, I mean removing it.....


In otherwords, just "pull". It either releases correctly or it breaks. There is no inbetween and little you can do to prevent breakage..

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John is pretty close. I've replaced many ( just glass )
mirrors. It's easy. You get yourself safety goggles and a
small upolstery hammer or use the back of a large screw driver and smash out the glass. you then pick out all broken pieces and remove all remaining glue. Take the new
glass and glue it back in. you will never get the glass out of a used mirror. replace the entire mirror. good luck.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I will "give it a go" and hope I don't break the mirror as finding a good used one for this model car has not been easy. Sounds like I'll need a bit of luck on this little job.
Cheers; Bucky

ps: GM dealer quoted me a price of over $ 600.00 CDN for a new OEM housing and mirror and its unpainted. Yeh Sure!!

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Wow 600 bones for a new mirror on a 1500 dollar ride LOL. I am driving a 97 Chevy pickup and the 4 way electric mirror was broken recently. I stopped in at my local Pull A Part wrecking yard and pulled a mirror off a van, it was a perfect match. They charged me 6 bones for the mirror but it did take about ten minutes of my time so I guess a man has to figure out his pay rate per hour so that he can include that cost. I would be doing a whole lot of things before I paid 600 bones for a mirror for a 11 year old car. Good Luck

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Thanks for the feedback dnt1. Firstly..I have never seen this model vehicle at a wrecker or parts recycler locally. There just aren't that many of them around. Secondly..I was fortunate enough to get one off ebay for 50bone which was a great deal when I compared it with a new one. Thirdly..Thanks to the Mechanical Wizzard John G. I found out how to remove the mirror from the housing. It popped out slicker than sh_it on a goats knee. I just replaced the glass unit in my existing housing and have an extra motor and housing for future use if necessary. Thanks to all who responded to this thread. Alway appreciated. Cheers and Merry Christmas to all: Bucky

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