warming drawer -- how versatile are they really?

endomdMarch 28, 2012

We are planning for a Dacor 24 inch warming drawer (to stack beneath a 24 inch MW and a 24 inch Gagg combi steam. Any thoughts on this model WD?

Most people I speak to tell me that they use the warming drawer when kids or a spouse come home late and can have their dinner plate waiting for them nice and warm.

I was wondering if you could also use it to bring food from the fridge up to eating temp. for instance, if I make lamb shanks or some other slow cooked meal in the evening and then put it in the fridge before I go to sleep, could someone then take it out of fridge and pop it into the warming drawer 1-2 hours before dinner instead of using the MW or oven?


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That 2nd option sounds like a great way to grow bacteria.

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I agree with weedmeister. Doesn't sound safe.

I have had my Gagg combi for 6 yrs. It reheats (refreshes) food quickly and as good as freshly prepared. You will never want to reheat in your microwave.

I also have the Dacor warming drawer. It is integrated with the drawer front. No humidity function. Everything gets soggy in it.

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Never ever try to bring food up to heat in a warming drawer. AS the others have said, that's dangerous. You can do slow cooking in it, but that's for 8 hours. You can also reheat bread and similar harmless stuff. If you have a moisture control vent you can recrisp crackers. When it's off, you can use it as a bread box. You can hold hot pots and platters for second helpings. Gather enough pancakes so everyone can sit down together. Vegetables that cook faster than you expect for while you're waiting for the main. You can heat plates for meals, especially for things like soup, which cools too fast, and cups for coffee. And, yes, you can hold plates of food, but the regenerate setting on the combi-steam is so good that it would be better to put the covered plate(s) in the fridge and heat them up to order.

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