Check Engine Light 97 Avalon

mzdeeDecember 5, 2006

Took my car in to the shop because it would occasionally rough idle at stop lights. This was intermittent and would stop by the next day. The shop did a tune up at 81K miles and no rough idle for a few weeks.

Earlier today, I filled my tank and tonight more rough idle at stop lights AND the check engine light came on. I'm going to break down and take it to the dealer tomorrow.

Any ideas on what could wrong? I hate surprises.....

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I hope Toyota's quailty is not declining. A check engine light at 81k is something I would expect from other makes. They'll have to hook it up to see what the problems are. Since it's out of warranty, you might want to take the car to a Japanese car specialist once you know the diagnosis. Typically they only work on toyos and hondas and cost less than the dealer.

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The fact that the Check Engine light came on this time should give them a good place to start. My guess is that either the Idle Air Control valve is going bad or the EGR valve pintle is intermittently getting stuck open. In both cases, sometimes (not always) you can fix the problem by cleaning and reinstalling the valve.

Let us know what they find out.

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Thanks you guys. Checking in to say that it was the O2 sensor.

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