Valentine Decor is done! (Pic heavy)

jeannespinesFebruary 10, 2014

Slow but sure .... I did get some Valentine decor done in the dining room & there's pops of red & love in the air ~~

Well, the vine tree got some more bead garlands of red & stained glass hearts ~~ pretty as can be here in the evening but some of my tiny lights have burned out ~~ I will need to replace a string ...I buy 'brown' corded lights for the vine tree:

A close up of the lil' white birds:

& stained glass hearts:

Ohhh...I love the reflections in the evening:

& this pretty glass heart I rec'd as a gift from a 'Holiday-er' Secret Santa some yrs back:

I just love it w/the white 'Independence' Ironstone made in Japan ...mine are garage sale & Goodwill finds:

Day time view can see the ironstone better:

Here's the other end of the buffet & then a full view:

Button jar & a kids paper book ~~It's still very cold & snowy here in Iowa ~~ ok, I better quit & I'll add some more pics in the comments. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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At the end of the buffet sits Dollbaby in her high chair ...
Here is her Valentine outfit & her tray'scape:

Her trayscape includes a rippled plate w/a crystal plate layered on top with 3 glass hearts & some frou frou ...a term we used to use here on the 'Holiday' forum. The silky scarf I found last year @a thrift shop & of course, she's holding a 'rose' for Valentine love. ;-)

...and here's a 'Candyshot!' LOL!

Across the way is the table & then the back of a kitchen cupboard ~~ beside this cupboard is a little shelf hubby made of barnwood many yrs ago ... I painted it creamy & added one of my little boy/girl vases & some red glass vases:

Added the vine heart & the framed print of children sledding:

A close-up of the mirrored frame (which I bought new for myself a couple yrs ago in a consignment shop...I feel in love w/it & change it out for many holidays):

Here's a full view of that are in the dining room ... plus I hung an old cast iron 'heart' pan on the cupboard end:

Ok, just a couple more... I'm on 'overload' I guess! Jeanne S.

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Last but not least, 'Holiday-ers' ~~

I got this new black glass centerpiece for Christmas from hubby ... I chose it myself @ a specialty shop & love it ...trouble is I don't have 'timer' candles that are 'short' for it I'll be looking for some. I have some that you can manually turn on & off but that's not so great when they're buried down in the red gravelly stone I got @a thrift shop:

I'm not positive if I like it here for the table centerpc ... I've tried placemats under it & haven't found any of mine that I like with it yet:

...& it's very cold & snowy here yet ... so here's a chair on my porch .... the snowmen are still enjoying it out there! Happy Valentine's Day, 'Holiday-ers!' ~~hugs, Jeanne S.

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My gosh, you've done so much, Jeanne! I'm happy to know that you are so well!

Your vine tree just melts me every time. The stained glass hearts are perfect -- as are your lights, berries, and birds! This V-Day tree may be my favorite yet. TFS!!!

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Jeanne, your decor is so pretty - I especially love the vine tree!

Glad you are feeling well enough to do all this!

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Jeanne...I posted on FB...and will again here.
You know how I love your Vine Tree decorated for ALL the
Holidays. Seeing it again for Valentine's day with the birds and lights and red glass hearts is also another one of my favorites..
.Love what Larry/you .... 'got you' for Christmas. Nice gift. I hope you find the candles you're looking for. I can see you whipping up different ideas with it.
Sweet display with the little boy & girl vase. Sadly, I broke the head off the little boy on mine when I was packing up . Great 'Candy shot' of Dollbaby!
We're you climbing??? She looks adorable as usual and she even got a Rose! I love her cute 'scape...and her little VDay purse.
Well...this was such a treat to see your lovely things again....I hope
you didn't over do it...
Take care

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Thanks, party, serendipity & jane ...

Ohhh, I do love the vine tree, too & it does look so 'Valentine-y' all lit up in the DR corner ...while I'm sitting here on DH laptop in my easy chair. Thanks for the compliments!

DH got my Independence Ironside down from the top cupboards for me & also a small tote I am being careful. I spent part of 2 days working on this. I'm being good!

Dollbaby's little 'purse' is a fold up box I found a few yrs back @a specialty store was so 'vintage' looking. ;-)

No, no, not standing on a chair! LOL! That's a no-no right now. I just held my camera way up over my head & shot downwards for the 'Candyshot.' ~~giggle

Thanks, Holiday-ers ~~Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, Jane summed up all your V Day decor for me
too. Love everything and so glad your done and enjoying
all of it. I love your table runner on the buffet. Wonder if
something like that or a quilted table runner would look
nice under your new black glass centerpiece.

Bet you will have fun shopping for the perfect one for it.
Hope you find some candles that fit in there too. They
do seem to be making more choices of the candles

Dollbaby is so cute in her valentine outfit and the rose
is perfect. Sweet tray scape you created. Totally love
the old cast iron 'heart' pan on the cupboard. What a
great addition.

Can't close w/o saying I too love seeing your vine tree
all decorated and lit up.

Happy Valentine's Day! Punk

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Jeanne everything looks beautiful!
I'm sure it makes you feel better to get your things out and enjoy them.
Your vine tree looks perfect decorated for Valentines Day. it is so pretty lit up.
Dollbaby looks so sweet. I always enjoy seeing her.
I like your new candle holder, it will look nice wherever you use it.
I'm so glad you felt up to decorating and didn't overdo it!!

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Jeanne, I saw your kitchen counter in the photo above and your basket finally popped into my head! I started it last night and *just* finished it. (I love my new ipad for doing 'quick pics'!!!)

I am calling it: Jeanne's Pines Basket
It really is a nice utility basket... I use them for things like kitchen utensils and clutter hiders. :O)

If you'd like it I need your address! :p

This post was edited by party_music50 on Wed, Feb 12, 14 at 7:02

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Yep, looks like a 'Jeanne's Pines Basket' to me!
Fun that the counter is all it took to see this, Party.
Your pretty amazing lady.

TFS, Punk

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OH party, that is a beautiful basket ~~ you keep it & just think of me ~~ I am just happy to see that you made one w/pine trees! Adorable! I appreciate your good thoughts & prayers as I continue on my journey..checkup today & now I will start the wicked chemo again ~~ but by the 1st of May maybe (just maybe) I'll be done. Thank you, dear friend. ~~hugs, Jeanne S

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Sometimes I have really stupid ideas.

Good luck!

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party ... I am sorry I offended you ... it is a beautiful idea ... I expressed that. I am just overwhelmed by such caring people as yourself ... you need not send me a gift ... I just appreciate so much your good thoughts & prayers.

If you want to post your email here, I will send you my address...I do not want to post my address here on the forum. I see you removed your photo & it is a beautiful idea ... Jeanne S.

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It was not a stupid idea! It was thoughtful and gracious of you to want the basket to Jeanne.
You are so talented and your baskets are wonderful.
I hope you will post the picture of your basket again.

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party ... I found your email on your 'page' & just sent you a note. Jeanne S.

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I'm so happy that you are able to decorate and show all of your pretties. I love the hearts, the vine tree, the vine heart, the way you displayed cards in the framed mirror...all of it.

I linked some Home Depot timer candles below. I bought them two years ago. Because they have button batteries, they don't have a very long battery life, but I can't remember exactly how long they lasted and I've already stored them away with the Christmas decorations so I can't test one for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot.

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Thank you, Fun2B ... for the link to Home Depot ... I do have some tea candles that are timer faux & love, love them now ...they are burned every night since before Christmas & still going. ;-)

I am looking for a 3" tall self-timer ... I found 2 but not a 3rd ... so I didn't buy them...I'll check online, too. Thanks! Jeanne S.

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Gosh, I just never got around to Valentine's Day. Missed it completely!
Glad to live it through your decorations. The tree, as usual, looks great.
Say, I know you must have told the story of the tree, but it's been so long ago that I've forgotten. Where and when did you get it. Did you make it???? I just can't remember. But I do know that a tree like that would look great on my patio.
Your dollie is wonderful.

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Thanks, OA .... I don't know how many yrs now I've had that vine tree ... somewhere in the 10 yr vicinity at least. Anyway, I first saw a 'vine tree' @ a great Fall craft show in a nearby town that I go to every year. Some gal had a half dozen or so on display ... & I think her price was about $100 ... way too much for me to spend @that time. So, anyway, I dreamed of making a vine tree from our woods on a tomato cage or something, but it never happened.

Then on a day trip with a couple of my best friends, we walked into a specialty gift shop & low & behold, here stood this vine tree ... for sale!! The owner said they used it in their displays but it was so big to store so they were just keeping their smaller one (probably about a 2') ...anyway, that vine tree went home with me & I've been decorating it for Fall, Christmas & Valentine's ever since. I love it & it's still going strong & I got it @a bargain price I thought was reasonable. ;-) ~~Jeanne S

p.s. I think Jane & Party have both made their own!

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