Update on Repairs after Oct. 20 Accident

chisueDecember 5, 2012

We got our Jaguar X-type back five weeks after the accident. It looks fine and drives fine. The body shop bill was $8K, then there was some trim that was done at the Jaguar dealership. Between the tow, the body shop, the dealership charges and the rental car costs, I think Chubb paid out about $13K. The claims agent says she will 'look into' diminished value.

They don't have all of DH's ER bills yet. (His back improved after two weeks. It was a nasty shock though!) What an unnecessary and unwelcome event, plus weeks of dealing with the claims.

Thanks for support and advice here!

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Chubb is offering $652 for diminished value.

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I'm bringing this up again because Chubb has yet to settle the personal injury portion of this accident. Someone called today and is sending medical release forms because they have been unable to get my DH's statements from his visit to the ER on the day of the accident.

I'm grateful he had no further physical problems once his sore back and ribs recovered, but...we have spent a LOT of time fussing and worrying over this incident. It was a nice autumn day until BAM! this kid hit our car. It took weeks to get our car back -- hours of time dealing with the aftermath.

What should we expect to receive for our troubles -- beyond getting the car repaired?

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