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iggieDecember 20, 2007

The other day I rode in a neighbors restored 48 Buick Roadmaster. The vehicle had a huge straight 8 engine. I know it was a gas guzzler, however it sure rode nice and handled well. Too bad such has gone from the scene.

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Those '48 Buicks had great sounding radios too - a vaccum tube set with real knobs, and a vibrator power supply - Some maintence required!

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jem dandy, you are 100% correct, I repaired the radio for him, had to replace the vibrator and recap the set, replace speaker as cone was fully dried out and rattled. However radio was in surprisingly good shape, tubes all good. The push pull audio setup used by Delco sure sounds good, deep rich bass, radio also very sensitive and selective. Sure beats the lots of the solid atate junk made today. As i say I know cars like this are gone forever, but it,s still a damn shame.

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